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Eminence indicators button (Valens)

The trigon lords were the main "baseline" indicator of eminence in hellenistic astrology.  By eminence, we mean how influential or important an individual will be in this world (not necessarily how famous).

Vettius Valens gave the trigon lords as being the primary consideration and the 4 lots (Fortune, Spirit, Exaltation and Basis) a secondary consideration, saying that "they appended these as confirming the testimony of the trigon lords, but not refuting them".  I am guessing that it is similar to the way transits in hellenistic astrology do not change the meaning of an event, but merely intensify what is already evident.

To reach it click the Eminence button as shown below:

Various Aphorisms:

Valens gave other lot related aphorisms related to eminence.  Of particular interest is the 10th sign from the lot of fortune for it represents the "height of fortune".  He said that when the other lots hand over (the domicile lord of the lot being in said condition) to the 10th from fortune or in pivots of these, that it raises the esteem of the native (I am paraphrasing here).  He also said that when the lords of thes lots hand over to each other, that it also adds to eminence.

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