Eminence Indicators in Arnold Schwarzenegger's Birth Chart

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Recently Arnold has enjoyed an increased popularity and I was curious as to what has made this man reach such a high level of eminence and fame and if there is anything in his birth chart to indicate this. Below is the birth chart of Arnold Schwarzenegger as shown by my new program Delphic Oracle (v 5.0):

birth chart of Arnold Schwarzenegger

At first look, this chart did not seem all that impressive. However, Valens does say to inspect the trigon lords of the light of the time, which is to look for the trigon lords of the Moon because it is a nocturnal chart. Because the Moon was in Capricorn, the trigon lords are the Moon, Venus and then Mars in that order. What we find is that the Moon and Venus are in pivots (angular) and Mars is in a decline. We then know before hand that whenever a Mars period comes up that it will be more difficult than when Venus and the Moon have the times. I should also say that some ancient authors considered the order of these 3 trigons to show how the life unfolds and how fortunate each of these periods would be. If this is the case, then the last period (represented by Mars) will be the most difficult. I have to say that I have seen instances where this is blatantly false, so I do not really hold this method in high regard. How long each of these 3 general trigon periods last is generally determined by the ascensional times of the signs where the trigon lord is located added to the minor years of the planet. So for instance, the Moon which represents the first period of life would have the ascensional time of Capricorn and the 25 minor years of the Moon added to it. Since Capricorn is a sign of short ascension (especially in Graz Austria) this would probably be in the neighborhood of 20 years added to 25 years. In other words for the first 45 years. Then Cancer and Venus would have the times for about 36 - 40 years + 8 minor years of Venus in the same manner, etc... However if there is any truth to the method, then the Moon representing the early years (in Capricorn) shows a strict mother and a difficult, shy childhood which by his own admission is accurate.

To have 2 of the 3 planets in pivots is above average eminence, but we need some confirmation here. No astrologer I know of would have predicted 50 years ago based on this, that this man would become governor of California or be anything more important than the chief manager of Bloomingdales in NYC. So I look to the location of the lots of Spirit, Fortune, Exaltation and Basis (otherwise known as the four lots). The lot of Fortune is at 22 Aquarius. (BTW, I have noticed that alot of very rich people (billionaires) have the lot of Fortune in Aquarius and often in the 8th house, like Bill Gates, and Donald Trump. At first, I thought that this was because such individuals have Sagittarius/Jupiter governing the place of aquisition (11th sign from the lot of Fortune), but then I realized that Fortune is an analog of the Moon in the mind of the cosmic soul. [1] What this means is that there is an affinity between having Fortune in Aquarius and the Moon in Aquarius. Also the 8th house generally represents "other people's money" because it is the second from the 7th. Then I realized that the chart of the USA has the Moon in Aquarius, therefore at least symbolically, Fortune in Aquarius individuals have what the American people most value/desire.)

To get back to the issue of eminence with regard to fortune, it is important to see if the lord of fortune should be in a pivot (angle) with respect to fortune, so preferably, Saturn should be located in one of the fixed/solid signs (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius). It was in Leo, so this is elevating the importance of the nativity a bit more. Considering next the Lot of Spirit, I found it to be in the place of acquisition with respect to Fortune (11th sign) which is the genethelialogical "good spirit". This is a good position despite it falling in the 6th sign cosmologically. It's lord, Jupiter, falls in the 10th sign from Fortune which is a very important indicator for eminence. Then I looked to the lot of Exaltation and it fell in the 19th degree of Scorpio (also the 10th from Fortune)! What is important is that Jupiter marks the lot of Exaltation to the degree! This is clearly the most important eminence indicator so far. What this means is that Jupiter, when it spoke on behalf of reputation as the one who gives heed to the lot of Spirit, asked for the reputation to be "lifted up" by being in the 10th from Fortune and with the lot of Exaltation. [2] Jupiter is a planet that is naturally elevated (as opposed to Saturn which is naturally depressed) and it was being raised still further by being at the degree of Exaltation in a sign which is known for its extremes of height and depth (Because he married into the Kennedy clan, and is now a politician, I wonder if he will be at all touched by the Kennedy curse - i.e. - experience the depth side of this manifestation).

Last, we look to the lot of Basis which represents the intersection of Fortune and Spirit and it falls in Virgo which is itself in an unremarkable position. However, the lord of Basis (Mercury) hands over to the ascendant to the degree also clearly pointing out the native personally! My program does not take into account all eminence factors or weigh them according to intensity so it judged this native "average", but on closer inspection this chart does show considerable potential.

I have one final note with regard to eminence indicators: but I have not seen this mentioned in any of the ancient texts that I have read. It is an observation that I have found to be true regarding people in general who are very successful. I have noticed that many (far more than chance should allow) of the charts of famous and successful individuals do not have any planets retrograde. I believe that in charts with middling to above average eminence, one can have great success if one also has no retrograde planets. Schwarzenegger's chart would be considered above average by most accounts in eminence indicators with the exception of Jupiter marking the lot of Exaltation in the 10th sign from Fortune to the degree and Mercury as lord of Basis marking the hour (which makes this an exceptional chart). The fact that he has no retrograde planets also helps to put it in the category of exceptional status. Supposedly, the reason for this is because retrograde planets signify a planet requesting before the courtroom of the cosmic soul that the issues (represented by the planet) be returned to a previous or earlier state. [3] Conversely, when all planets are direct, there is little stumbling or striving to get ahead. The planets simply carry you foreward in an expeditious manner to each issue without prolonged complications. This allows the native to progress without having to constantly repeat "old lessons" in life.

According to Robert Schmidt, there are a number of general statements that the universal hermetics are capable of making based upon the hylegical factors (Sun, Moon, Fortune, Spirit, ascendant, midheaven, and prenatal lunation(s) of new and whole (full) Moon). Among them, the ascendant which is a methphor for the helm of a ship, shows how the life is "steered". He says that the Exaltation lord signifies whether things "turn up" in the native's life because the greek word for exaltation is "hupsoma" which literally means "lifted up" or "height". [4] Because the exaltation lord of his ascendant (Cancer) is Jupiter and itself marks the lot of exaltation to the degree in the 10th from fortune (height of fortune), it represents that his life takes a turn for the better in a very dramatic way, especially during the periods in which Jupiter is lord of the times.

We know before hand that when the periods of Venus, the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury are active and to some degree Saturn, this individual will thrive. When Mars has the times, there is more likely to be trouble because it is declining in the 12th house and only post-ascensional with regard to fortune. To get a better idea of when these things shown might come to fruition, I looked to the zodiacal releasing (aphesis) from the lot of Fortune and found the following time lord sequence:

zodiacal releasing for the lot of fortune

We can see here very clearly the major changes in his life. He won his first body building contest in the mid 60's which according to Valens was under the loosing of the bond from darkness to light which often indicates great success. He then starred in his first role in a movie called "Hercules in New York" in 1970 under Aquarius --> Sag period of which Jupiter governs. (Incidentally, when he moved to California, this relocated his natal Jupiter to the midheaven!) Jupiter has governorship of Spirit and marks exaltation to the degree so this whole period from 1977 through the end of 1988 was most successful. As a result of Jupiter taking on the times and acting for the lot of exaltation in 1977, he met Maria Shriver, a member of the Kennedy clan. He took on his first Terminator role under his Leo sub period of Pisces which has Saturn and Pluto there appropriately signifying death and inevitability (often these two planets indicate that one is touched by genocide or death on a large scale in some way). When Mars took over the times because Aries had the general period, his success began to fade as expected because of the difficulty of Mars in the 12th house. However, he did do something useful with the times that closely symbolizes Mars in the 12th house (special olympics - Mars signifies athletes and the 12th house represents the disabled). During the Aries --> Virgo sub period he also had surgery to correct a defective valve in his heart. This is represented by Aries (Mars/surgery) handing over to Virgo (medicine). Last we see that just 3 days after the onset of the Taurus/Venus period he becomes governor of California. Venus is extremely positive because it is on the ascendant and itself is an indicator of high popularity and attractiveness.

Valens made the comment that sometimes the effects of the time lords come a bit early saying that when the times are about to turn for the worse the benefics abandon the native prematurely, but when bad times are about to turn for the better, the malefics make way for improvements. This is most clearly evident in his recent run for governor which started at the end of his Aries general period for fortune but ended under Taurus/Venus. After some initial problems in governing in May 2004 (end of the honeymoon) and all of 2005, he should enjoy alot of popularity in Jan 2006 - late 2009. However in Aug 2011 his Gemini period begins and Mars is therein indicating difficulty. Unless there are other indicators to the contrary, it will probably be around that time that things become especially difficult.

With regard to the zodiacal releasing for the lot of Spirit we have the following time lord sequence:

zodiacal releasing for the lot of spirit

Because this time lord sequence is in regards to the lot of Spirit, we have to keep in mind that the subject matter is reputation and how effective his actions would be or how his actions affect his reputation. Here we see the importance of the loosing of the bond from darkness to light (Capricorn to Cancer and Aquarius to Leo). [5] The first one happened when he first met Maria Shriver and was introduced to the Kennedy's and the second one took place just months before becoming Governor of California. Since Spirit has to do with actions and reputation, this is quite appropriate since it's effect was to raise the reputation and make actions more important in these periods. I should point out that he met his first wife under the first loosing of the bond from his marriage house (7th) to his house (1st). Because the Moon was involved and was in the 7th, she indicated to the cosmic soul that it was time to meet someone important who would affect his reputation for the better and raise his status. [6] The Moon also asks for this person to become his wife.

It is interesting that the Spirit general period on Aug 23, 2011 will hand over from Aquarius --> Aquarius sub and on the exact same date the Gemini major period of Fortune obtains the general times from Taurus. Because these are the 8th and 12th houses respectively, it is clear that something important comes to an end here (houses of endings and by my estimate in 2010). Saturn having the times will be in Libra which is also in a house of endings (4th). More importantly, Pluto will have conjoined his natal Moon in the 7th and Uranus will square. This is often an indicator of the death of females (mother or wife usually for those who have one) during that period. Because it is lord of his ascendant, he will need to watch his health as well near the end of this decade.

If you are a native Californian, I need to give you a warning. Just as the chart of the leader can indicate what is in store for the nation, as when Bill Clinton took office in 1993, and because he had the Moon in Taurus in exaltation in the acquisition, the nation prospered, then Bush took office in 2001 with his out of sect Mars in the place of acquisition, indicating a poor economy, corporate theft and rapine (Mars in Virgo - cooking the books), so too does the chart of Schwarzenegger indicate what is in store for California. If he is still governor in the year 2010, when Saturn and Uranus square the Moon, and Pluto conjoins the Moon, it can indicate a great disaster that befalls the people of California. This is because he is the leader, and the Moon in his chart represents his people. It might not just indicate the death of his wife, but that a great earthquake or other disaster hits California and leaves the people financially and emotionally devastated. Of course, we are a long way off from that, and I hope I am wrong here in all respects.

Addendum: (2/24/04)

Upon re-examining Arnold's chart I found another of Valens's aphorisms:

If Zeus should be lying upon the Exaltation while being upon a pivot point, or if it should become lord of a pivot point, it makes men distinguished. If it should happen to be in a zoidion or in degrees of Ares, or should be present with it in it's own zoidia, the natives will have the power of life and death. [7]

This is the case in Arnold's chart because he has Jupiter (Zeus) with the lot of exaltation in a sign (zoidion) of Ares (Mars), more specifically Scorpio, and it was on the pivot point 10th from the lot of Fortune. Could the latter be a reference to his role in exercising the death penalty or the sparing of life (a role that governors frequently have)? I should also point out that the lord of the lot of exaltation is opposed to Spirit. Valens says that this makes nativities "come into reduced circumstances". Presumably this is because the Spirit represents reputation, and if Exaltation or it's lord is opposed to Spirit, then the testimony is opposed to the native being exalted in the end.

Essential Dignities:


Eminence Indicators:

Trigon Lords of the Light of the Time: (Moon)

Trigon LordsCosmic StateW/Regard to FortuneFamiliarly Situated
Lot / Part

Valens Lot Eminence Indicators:Present
Lord of Fortune in 10th from Fortune-
Lord of Spirit in 10th from FortuneYes
Lord of Exaltation in 10th from Fortune-
Lord of Basis in 10th from Fortune-
Lord of Fortune in own Domicile-
Lord of Fortune hands over to Spirit-
Lord of Fortune hands over to Exaltation-
Lord of Fortune hands over to Basis-
Lord of Spirit in own Domicile-
Lord of Spirit hands over to Fortune-
Lord of Spirit hands over to ExaltationYes
Lord of Spirit hands over to Basis-
Lord of Exaltation in own Domicile-
Lord of Exaltation hands over to Fortune-
Lord of Exaltation hands over to Spirit-
Lord of Exaltation hands over to Basis-
Lord of Basis in own Domicile-
Lord of Basis hands over to Fortune-
Lord of Basis hands over to Spirit-
Lord of Basis hands over to Exaltation-

Miscellaneous Eminence Indicators:Present
Ascendant Lord in the 10th-
Lord of 10th in Ascendant-

Overall Score:27,Average

Hermetic Lots:

Lot / Part NamePositionDomicileExaltationTrigonBound
Fortune21 Aq 41
Spirit16 Sa 33
Exaltation18 Sc 36
Basis24 Vi 15
Necessity (Hermes)15 Sa 29
Eros (Aphrodite)28 Aq 56
Courage (Ares)17 Sc 32
Victory (Zeus)20 Ge 34
Nemesis (Kronos)9 Cp 1
Father17 Sa 1
Mother11 Aq 58
Siblings12 Ar 43
Children25 Li 32
Sons19 Pi 10
Daughters27 Pi 30
Marriage (women - Paulus)4 Le 20
Marriage (men - Paulus)3 Cn 54
Marriage (women - Valens)5 Cp 42
Marriage (men - Valens)9 Cn 24
Marriage (general)10 Sc 45
Debt12 Le 40
Theft9 Vi 31
Treachery5 Vi 6
Accusation10 Vi 36

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1. This is logic based upon Robert Schmidt's reconstruction of the System of Hermes.
2. Ibid.
3. From Robert Schmidt's lectures in Cumerland in July 2000.
4. Ibid.
5. Valens states that after 12 sub periods (12 signs), instead of handing over to the next sign, the handing over is to the sign opposite the next sign. He says that when the bond is loosed that it is one of the most important periods in the native's life. There are 3 types: from light to darkness which indicates a time of danger and trouble; from darkness to light which indicates a time of success and hapiness and the overcoming of evil, and a third (un-named) which Valens calls "innovative" but can indicate changes that are neither good or bad. The first type happens when Cancer or Leo loose the bond to Capricorn or Aquarius, the next is the opposite when Capricorn or Aquarius loose the bond to Cancer or Leo. The last occurs when Gemini or Virgo loose to Sagittarius or Pisces.
6. An extrapolation of the cosmic soul idea originated by Robert Schmidt.
7. Vettius Valens, The Anthology, Vol 2, Pt 1, pg 49. Translated by Robert Schmidt.

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