Exploring Eminence in Bill Gates' Birth Chart

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The Four Lots

Bill Gates is a near perfect example of how to use the lots of Exaltation, Basis, Fortune and Spirit to find eminence indications in a birth chart. Valens gives several indications, the main points are paraphrased below:

Bill Gates birth chart

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Looking at Bill Gates lot of Fortune we find it at 15 Aquarius (Incidentally Donald Trump has it at 15 Aquarius as well) in the 8th place. Fortune represents that which returns to us on the basis of our actions. It is happenstance - tuche is the Greek word for it. A modern interpretation of Aquarius 8th house fortune might be transforming the computer and electronics industry (although I distinguish between Aquarius and Uranian driven interpretations of Aquarius). The lord of Fortune, Saturn is in Scorpio which is the 10th from fortune and our first indicator of eminence. The lord shows the form that his tuche takes and it takes the form of honors.

We find the lot of Spirit in the 6th in Sagittarius (in the aquisition of fortune - actions driven towards aquisition of wealth?) and it's lord is in Leo conjunct Pluto and Regulus and is exchanging with Exaltation. This fits 2 of the indications for eminence, conjoining fixed stars and exchanging. Spirit represents actions and reputation, while being in the 6th is not great for reputation it is a sign of being somewhat of a workaholic. His actions are taking the form of Leo in the 2nd with Regulus showing that he takes pride in his possessions and wealth and shows he has a hard time with second best. The lord of spirit in the exaltation shows that his actions are effective at bringing eminence. The exaltation also shows for those of us who are not famous what we enjoy doing most.

The Lot of Exaltation is at 13 Leo. It's lord is in Scorpio with the lord of fortune and in the 10th from fortune and is another clear indication of eminence, showing here that he would also be known for his wealth. The lord of Exaltation is also in a pivot from it's own place, another indication of eminence.

The Basis is an intersection of Fortune and Spirit, of actions and happenstance. The formula is taken as the shortest distance between fortune and spirit and applied to the ascendant. It must always be below the horizon. Basis was found to be in Virgo with it's lord Mercury in the 4th. While in a natal pivot it is not in a pivot with respect to any of the other 3 lots or itself and is the weakest indicator for eminence in this chart. Valens clearly states that the pivots with regard to the lots are more effective (chrematisticos) and vigorous than the natal pivots.

One more note from a modern perspective. He also has the lord of the ascendant in the 10th which is a prime indicator of fame or recognition. The Moon here is the guardian of the sect with all of the other planets below the horizon, showing that dispite his fame he is an intensely private person, who tries to keep out of the limelight as much as possible. Also it bears noting that Seattle has a Scorpio Sun Midheaven which places Gates' Sun in the 10th of Seattle which I gave as one of the indications above as improving your chances for recognition in a given location.

Trigon Lords of the Light of the Time

While the lots are in powerful in their positions with regard to the dispositors, Valens considered these indicators to be confirmatory of eminence and not of themselves the most important consideration. He considered the most important indicators to be the trigon lords of the light of the time. To find these, we examine in what sign the Sun is in if it is a day chart or if it is a night chart, the sign of the Moon. If the 3 trigon lords of this sign are pivotal (in angles) for the most part or if they are in the same sign as one of the 4 lots listed above, or in the 10th from fortune or spirit then this is an indication of high stature in life. If the trigon lords are primarily in post-ascensions it is indicative of middling stature, but if they are most or all in declines then it is often indicative of and unfortunate individual who is a wanderer or a vagabond.

In the case of Bill Gates, because it is a night chart we seek the sign of the Moon. It is in Aries, so Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn are the trigon lords. Each of these planets are in post-ascensions (post-ascensions are the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th signs from the ascendant) cosmologically which would indicate a middling status in life at first look. However, the Sun and Saturn are in the 10th from fortune which is extremely potent. Jupiter is also pivotal with regard to fortune but more importantly it is with the lot of exaltation and in superior position to the other 2 trigon lords. (Superior position is the 10th sign from whatever it is that you are examining). This is important because if Saturn had been in Leo it would have had superior position over Jupiter which is the main trigon lord at night, and Schmidt says that Saturn is naturally depressed, but Jupiter is naturally exalted. If Saturn had been in superior position at night it would have lowered the expectations for eminence, especially because Saturn is not of the sect in favor.

I recommend The Unofficial Bill Gates for more biographical information.

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