Charlie Sheen - Malefic Planets Behaving Eminently

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We've been hearing about Charlie Sheen's personal life for some time now, but it's hard not to notice that his life has gotten out of hand lately. I don't normally pay much attention to the lives of actors, but I was wondering what Hellenistic techniques are saying about his life right now and it looks like this chart might be somewhat accurate based on the fact that unrounded to the minute birth times usually indicate greater care in the details. This is the proposed birth data as shown by Delphic Oracle (v 5.0):

Charlie Sheen

The source is reportedly from a statement made at the time of the birth of his daughter saying that "we have a special connection" and that "it's in the numbers". "She was born on 3/9 and I was born on 9/3, she was born at 10:57 pm and I was born at 10:58 pm".

Chart Eminence

Now the first thing to look at is what accounts for his fame... Besides the fact that he comes from an acting family, because it is a nocturnal chart we look to the Moon. It is angular in the 7th house (whole sign). Therefore the trigon lords of the sect light are Jupiter and the Sun while Saturn assists. Since all 3 trigon lords are angular we know that this is indicating well above average eminence. However, 2 of those trigon lords oppose (the Sun and Saturn) and this is a fairly malignant opposition because Saturn is the contrary to sect malefic. In regards to career, the Midheaven degree is in Aquarius, which Valens says "gives signs for praxis" (ones doings or traversing) even though it is the 9th sign, Valens says that it participates in the career. The ruler is Saturn and it is placed in the 10th sign proper. There is a well known rule that states that the signs/houses by position indicate early life, but that the lords of these show what happens later on (sometimes as an outcome). I take this to mean that because fortune was found in Aquarius in effectively the 10th house that the early years of his career look brighter, but the lord Saturn indicates a potential downfall. Having a contrary to sect malefic in the 10th is a classic danger indicator for career, and Saturn can signify disgrace, downfall or tragedy. The Sun is also an indicator of fame in general and an opposition to Saturn indicates the tarnishing of reputation, perhaps even infamy. It can also indicate difficulty/issues with the father through general signification, particularly because it falls in the 4th/10th through local determination, but I'll get to that later...

So what has accounted for his teflon ability to shake it off in the past? I believe eminence factors can be "summed up" to some degree and are additive and subtractive of eminence. The lot of exaltation has to do with ones ability to rise in life and it is found in the 5th house with Venus in her own domicile (and joy). Some might say that the 5th house has to do with perfomance (in addition to children, romantic liasons and investments) and therefore partially represents his acting career. I don't dispute that, but Schmidt has also said that Saturn represents "feigned appearance" because Saturn represents deception (pretending to be something one is not which sums up acting). Venus with exaltation in the 5th indicates that at least one of his children will become famous which seems to be an Estivez family trait. The lot of Basis, which Schmidt has called "the foundation of fortune" is in the 10th from fortune. Valens says that having the lot of spirit, or exaltation in the 10th from fortune indicates fame or eminence if the support of the trigon lords is good. The lot of Basis is part of this group which Schmidt says has to do with "eidaimonea" which are conditions that lead to happiness. In general just having a planet in its own domicile in the 10th from fortune is enough to indicate an extra push when it becomes active in the chronocratorship. This will be the case when Scorpio has the times in what is called the zodiacal releasing from the lot of spirit. Why spirit? Valens says that this gives the highs and lows of ones career path. It indicates shifts in profession, travels and new experiences or change in circumstances when cadent (which provides closure on the previous episode [1]). Valens says it is an indicator of actions and reputation.

His relationships appear to have been at the root exposing most of his problems. This is shown clearly in the chart. The lord of the 7th in the first is an indicator that he is actively sought out and because Jupiter is in detriment (which is always the case when the lord of the 7th is in the 1st whole sign) such relationships have the tendency to "turn bad" [2]. If actively sought out on that level where it is clearly one sided, there is often an ulterior motive or some sort of imbalance. The fact that Charlie has been married multiple times would seem to say that this chart is accurate since the 7th house is ruled by a mutable (double bodied) sign which is classic textbook indication for multiple marriages (particularly when the lord is found in a mutable sign as well). It can also be an indication of polygamy. The intemperance is brought out by the Moon in opposition to Jupiter which can indicate overindulgence, particularly with alcohol. The Moon is in a reception with Jupiter and is the sect leader handing over power to Jupiter as the main trigon lord. What is interesting about this is that the Moon betrays the nocturnal sect (Venus and Mars are both in their joy) handing over power to the fire trigon where all 3 planets (Jupiter, Sun and Saturn) are contrary to the sect. What this probably means is that there is less debate between the 2 sects and that the planets work cooperatively toward a given potential, but probably for different reasons. With such a highly eminent chart (all trigon lords angular, fortune at the midheaven, the Moon engaged with the main trigon lord and the planets of the nocturnal sect in their own domiciles and joys at the same time) there is a lot that will be winked at and such an individual will get far in life. The question is, does tragedy loom?

Universal Hermetics

Below is portion of the Universal Hermetics report from Delphic Oracle...

Universal Hermetics report for Charlie Sheen

The universal hermetic techniques are classified by Schmidt as those techniques that speak about the life of the native as a whole. It might be useful in answering the question of whether he is heading for tragedy and downfall or whether he is more likely to recover. The political officer is Jupiter and in the nautical metaphor [3] this states what the life is commissioned for and since the planet is Jupiter in the ascendant we know that the life is set up for greatness, noblilty and a lofty position in life. Within this context, Jupiter in detriment might indicate a fall from grace. It is interesting to note that the north node is in Gemini (Rhetorius would say exalted) which indicates increase. During the medieval era, many astrologers thought that having benefics with the north node makes them stronger (conversely it is better to have malefics at the south node to diminish their maleficence). Also note that Saturn is the oversight (cooperating) officer by being in the bounds of Saturn. This places the limitation of Jupiter to operate withing the confines of Saturnian effects / affects. Since this is an area of research, I should point out that while most authors state this, Rhetorius reverses this saying the confine lord of the sect light is the political officer (domicile master) which would be Saturn in this case, and Jupiter is the oversight officer. I think the former makes more sense given Charlie's life because Saturn would probably indicate a more dejected and less successful experience than what has been his public image thus far, but it is a bit hard to tell because they are in each others confines (terms). If Saturn is indeed the political officer, this would be a warning that tragedy is what the planets of the diurnal sect have voted for.

Next, the Kurios which is the governor of the ship (the steersman/captain) is that planet which shows how one gets to where they go in life. It represents the nature of the path or the overall course of the "ship of life". [4] We have two potential planets holding all the key positions, Jupiter and Mercury (Mercury happens to be the almutem figuris). Saturn is effectively disqualified from being captain due to retrogradation. This can be a very tricky area to judge accurately. I would normally dismiss Mercury because of the state of decline, but there is two senses for the Greek word "kentron"; [5] one which means that a planet is in an area that is conducive to business (which it is not) and the other sense in which it is near a goad or prod (which it is). Mercury falls in the 4th house by dynamical division, but in the 3rd/cadent by whole sign. Jupiter, depending upon your system of house division is close to or in the 2nd house, even though it falls in the 1st using whole signs, so it is a tough call. However if it is Jupiter, that would mean that Jupiter is both the domicile master and kurios and that would be just another indication further increasing the eminence of the native.

Psychological Profile

Noticing that the most important planets in Charlie Sheen's chart are Jupiter and Mercury, it is easy to see the tendency to grandiose ideas and sharp wit. There was one psychologist who said that he has many of the symptoms associated with bi-polar disorder. Personally the depressive side does not come through but it is easy to see the mania. There are also 2 striking oppositions in this chart: Moon opposite Jupiter which could account for the up mood swing and the Sun opposite Saturn. This latter aspect is suggestive of issues with low self esteem which is what the article suggests "what Sheen is really telling us", that when Sheen says he's superior, that what he's really feeling is inferior and is dissociating from that by making it into the opposite. Whether that is true or not is a guess. I think that it is safe to say that anyone worth close to 100 million could legitimately feel superior. That's just a fact based on the political power of money, but emotions often do not reflect physical reality. The Sun/Saturn opposition can also cause issues with one's father, considering that Mercury and the Sun are mutually received and have joint rulership over the 4th house.

Given that I think that Charlie Sheen is sick and that what is really happening is a medical issue, it will be important to look at the zodiacal releasing from the lot of fortune as well. However, the suspected illness (bi-polar disorder) is an illness which has spiritual ramifications and obviously affects actions and reputation. It is also not an illness that shows up over night, but develops and progresses most typically in a gradual manner until someone recognizes a "break" from reality. Since the chart is eminent and he has made lots of money over the years, and that Hollywood has enabled bad behavior for the sake of financial advantage, I suspect that those around him at the moment are just trying to cash in on his psychological "crash" (lord of 7th in 1st). Any reasonable lawyer would not advise sueing CBS, but because the money talks it could very well happen. At this point, Sheen would be much better off taking his millions and a few years off in some private tropical paradise and get himself clean, then he can be said to be "winning".

Malefic Planets

Valens makes the statement that malefics behave differently in the charts of eminent nativities and this would seem to be the case in this chart. Ordinarily I would look at that Saturn in the 10th in Pisces contrary to the sect as an indication for danger in career. However the universal hermetics of the chart point to significant fame and/or eminence. So either it is an indication of being set up for a fall or the chart perpetually vacillates on the brink. What can explain his notoriety for his "bad boy" image? Typically if there is a planet/planets in the 10th from fortune and they rule over some important place in the chart, then the individual is usually labeled or known by that trait. In this case, Mars is in Scorpio which is in its joy. The malefics take their joys in the 6th and 12th houses which are the places of entrance and exit from the world. Mars is typically the warrior, career criminal, drunken sailor, getting into fights, likes shooting guns, carousing in bars and spending money on prostitutes, porn stars, etc... His life fits the description of the planet perfectly, which brings me to what Valens said about malefics: that the malefics of eminent nativities tend to deflect their malignance away from the native. The ideal is that no one is above the law, but the truth is that the law applies differently to the eminent. If you have lots to offer others, others will be more willing to wink at your transgressions. Also there is the threat that if one tries to take down a really big fish such as Richard Nixon, your own career will be on the line as well. This is why there are some who are "above the law"; because there is that credibility question that lingers over any accusation that poses... "who are you" to say such a thing?.

Since we are interested in potential downfall due to reputation, the zodiacal releasing from the lot of spirit should show when his actions bring criticism and when they bring honor. Before we can do this we have to delineate the chart and see what signs have the greatest potential for trouble or advancement. I have already brought up the issue of the 10th sign from fortune, but there are also periods where the malefics cast rays into certain signs and when the rays of the malefics are in aversion. Five signs are of particular interest in this regard: Pisces, Capricorn, Leo and Virgo and to a lesser extent Aquarius. Pisces because that is where the malefic contrary to the sect is (Saturn), but perhaps more so, Leo and Virgo periods because Mercury and the Sun are in mutual reception and Saturn casts a ray onto the Sun harming it by opposition. So I would expect trouble during Virgo and Leo sub periods as well.

I was curious to see what happened when he accidentally shot Kelly Preston in the arm. I wasn't able to find the exact date of the shooting and there are conflicting reports of what happened. There is a lot more scrutiny on those earlier days now because of his recent arrests, but while there are multiple sources pointing to "immediate" end to the relationship, there was a more specific report that Charlie ended the relationship with Preston some 4 months after the shooting which must have taken place between January and July because the news article was dated Aug 1, 1990. There was also a statement that because of etiquette involving the engagement ring, that if Preston ended the relationship, she's supposed to give back the ring, but that didn't happen; instead Preston sold the ring and was kind enough to give half back which suggests that Sheen was the one who ended the relationship. In any case, it was a Libra period handing over to either Capricorn or Aquarius. That means that Saturn was a time lord for reputation during the shooting. The most exact account appears to place the shooting in January of 1990. The zodiacal releasing for the lot of spirit is shown below...

Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit for Charlie Sheen

If the shooting report is accurate to within a month, that would mean that Virgo was probably the 3rd level period under which the Sun was afflicted by Saturn. What can be seen from the general periods, is that Libra, where the lot of exaltation and Venus in her own domicile are, is that Sheen's career was on the way up since the mid-1980's after leaving the Virgo period which has the malefic opposition ray of Saturn. It has been widely regarded that "Platoon" and "Wall Street" were the acting roles that put him on the map as a serious actor in the mid 80's. In 1993 he entered is 10th from fortune period which is the peak period which ended in 2008. Up until that time he was pretty well protected because the times suggest that he stays in the limelight for 15 years (for good or ill because Mars can bring a down side). Valens makes note of one person from 1900 years ago who entered a Scorpio period with Mars present as still having problems such as falls from quadrupeds, cuts and bloodshed in a fortune releasing. This is to be expected because of the nature of the planet, but the really severe consequences are usually escaped from in the case of eminent nativities. Starting in January 2008 one can expect Sheen to be exposed to the more serious repercussions because Sagittarius has the south node present (indicating losses) and the focus will be on relationships that go bad (ruler of the 7th in detriment). What is interesting about the period around 2000 where he landed the role that made him the most money is that it happened when it came to the natal 10th with Saturn present in Pisces under the Scorpio general period. This might be an indication that while Saturn is the malefic contrary to sect, it is operating in the way that it would for eminent nativities by causing problems for others rather than the native. However, another explanation is that instead of the opposition ray of Saturn affecting the Sun, it is the Sun in opposition applying to Saturn which throws the spotlight on fame and recognition. But now that he's no longer in that Scorpio period for reputation, there is less protection from a fall. Jupiter which is the ruler of the times (Sagittarius) now has the superior square of Saturn to deal with and this can bring a potential fall.

Another incident which I found on Wikipedia:

On May 20, 1998, Sheen injected himself with cocaine and accidentally overdosed. He was hospitalized, but discharged from the hospital soon afterward. His father Martin issued a public appeal for fans to pray for him and reported him for violating his parole. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and Sheen was sent to rehab.

Sheen fortune ZR

Now in terms of bodily crises (zodiacal releasing from fortune above) what we see here is that the general times has handed over to Pisces (3/31/1995) which can indicate health trouble, but the period lasts for 12 years. How do we narrow down the times when there is most likely to be a turning point? Schmidt has said that the encounter of the domicile lord in the sub period is very important and represents the main focus period which usually denotes the most important period within the context of the general times. In this case, because Pisces has the times, when Jupiter is encountered in the next level sub period which is Gemini, this is when we expect the focus of the period to come to bear. The way to read this is that the general times has Saturn present and it is indicating trouble and when the encounter of the domicile (or exaltation lord if domicile does not aspect/witness) happens then you can expect the full force of Saturn to be released. At the 3rd level was a Cancer period which is the 6th house from fortune indicating "illness" and we see at the time of the overdose that the 4th level had just loosed the bond to Capricorn (8th house natally) which could have potentially been a deadly illness.

Sheen Spirit ZR

In terms of reputation and actions he was involved in something ill advised (spirit ZR above). The same principles can be applied for releasing from spirit, but since he was in a peak period (Scorpio) it didn't really change his reputation or public standing, but the key places are highlighted again with the malefics having control of the general times (Mars handing over to Saturn - Sco -> Aqu) and on the 3rd - 4th levels Cancer handing over to Pisces with Saturn present.

Sheen had gotten married and divorced a couple of times past the turn of the century and the support has held up in terms of eminence, but as of January 2008 that support is no longer there in the zodiacal releasing technique and while a succeedent period can often ride out the coat tails until the beginning of the next cadent period, the ruler (Jupiter) has a malefic (Saturn) in superior square causing potential trouble. Soon after the end of this peak period Sheen was arrested on charges of domestic violence against his wife Brooke Mueller on Dec 25th, 2009. The ZR for spirit follows:

Sheen Spirit ZR

We see that Sagittarius has the general times and has handed over to Saturn which is in superior square to the domicile lord Jupiter indicating reduction/dismantling of reputation in early 2009. On just the day before that incident Leo picked up the 3rd/4th level periods which "turns on" the Sun/Saturn opposition. Not good. Then on Oct 26, 2010 was the infamous Plaza Hotel incident where a porn star was locked in the bathroom fearing for her life while Charlie Sheen tore the place apart causing about $7,000 in damage. It is the same 1st and 2nd levels, but the 3rd level was Virgo and the 4th Sagittarius. Again we find trouble with the Virgo period because of the opposition ray of Saturn. This brings us to the present in which just a couple of days ago he was fired from CBS which happens just as the 3rd level period goes to Capricorn for spirit turning on Saturn as domicile lord. This doesn't bode well for the major period of Capricorn that begins Nov 20, 2019 which represents a cyclic repetition on a grander scale and gives the broader picture of what the future may be like.

So what can we expect to see in the future? I think we've seen the best work that he's capable of at this point because the highlight of his career were the fortified periods of Libra and Scorpio. Sagittarius could bring some favorable periods but at this point he's got to get rid of the sycophants who are enabling his bad behavior and are probably only there because he has money. There is a significant turning point coming in his life in the summer of 2016 shown in the time lord graph in Delphic Oracle which is useful for tracking long range patterns:

Sheen Spirit, Fortune ZR Graph

Notice that at the same time that Spirit hands over to Sag -> Gemini, Fortune hands over from Aries -> Scorpio. In both cases, this is the encounter of the domicile lord of the general period within the sub period. I think we can expect that Charlie Sheen will make big news that summer (probably in July - hopefully not a drug overdose like Heath Ledger). The symbolism points to a health crisis and major career turning point. There are of course many other things that I could have looked at such as the alfirdaria, profections, transits, progressions, etc... but many astrologers are familiar with those techniques; I have decided to demonstrate these techniques because they have proven valuable and are significantly more rare.


1. Schmidt calls an angular triad an "episode" based upon his article in the Mountain Astrologer about the houses called the "Facets of Fate".
2. This is what Schmidt says that a planet in detriment does.
3. Based upon Schmidt's classification of the nautical metaphor where a boat representing your life is commissioned for a type of journey, a merchant ship, a war ship, etc...
4. According to Robert Schmidt.
5. Ibid.

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