Time Lord Testimony in JFK Jr's Deadly Flight

© 1999 Curtis Manwaring

John Kennedy Jr's recent ill fated flight provides an excellent, but horrific example of the time lords in action; specifically with regard to the zodiacal releasing (aphesis). Valens had said that the natal indicators manifest themselves when they become chronocrators for the times. In other words, if Venus is indicating marriage because of the testimonies of the stars at birth, then marriage has the greatest possibility for manifestation when Venus becomes a chronocrator for the times. Since the event of the crash happened July 16, 1999 at 9:41 pm, and that the event was one that involved the physical body, we look to the releasing of the lot of fortune to see what natal planets had the times at the time of the accident. For now, I present JFK Jr's natal configuration (gif image by Delphic Oracle):

JFK birth chart

As we can see, the general times for fortune began with Gemini for the first 20 years (the lesser years of Mercury), then handed over to Cancer for the next 25 years, until he was 45. Therefore, Cancer (the Moon) was the material that was to be shaped into various forms in the further subdivisions at his current age of 38. Already we see that Mars occupies the sign of the general times showing that there is potential danger in the background. Subsequent releasings of the subdivisions will either negate or add to the quality of danger. We see then, calculating the releasing, that prior to Dec '97 the sub period of Gemini was shaping the general Cancerian times, but after this, the times for the whole circle had been filled up. The sub period then "looses the bond" to the sign opposite the one that the major period would have handed over to next, in this case from Cancer to Capricorn. This was a loosing of the bond from "light to darkness". It is a time of greater danger with regard to bodily matters, a time of cuts and bloodshed. To make matters worse, Capricorn is the"deadly place", because it is the 8th sign from the lot of fortune. (Remember, because the lots are horoskopoi, the first house is Gemini and the rest are numbered in order with respect to the affairs of fortune.)

In Capricorn, we find Saturn (the other malefic) and both benefics, Jupiter and Venus. It is often said the benefics looking on make the danger less or somehow provide protection. This is the case, not using modern aspects with orbs, but by whole sign, using the standard Ptolemiac aspects of trine, square, sextile and opposition. In this case, it appears that Jupiter and Venus merely changed the accompanying circumstances surrounding death; i.e., that he was en route to a wedding with 2 women. Since Capricorn is the 5th sign from the ascendant, other circumstances such as fun and romance accompany the death scene.

The Capricorn subperiod lasts for 27 months starting with Dec 11, 1997. A further subdivision will give refinements to the time of danger. In the 3rd level division all 12 signs were completed on May 22, 1999 shortly after noon, at which time the loosing of the bond again takes place. This time it was from Capricorn to Cancer, from darkness to light. If memory serves, Catherine Kennedy Schlossberg and JFK Jr did a major interview with CNN or perhaps Barbara Walters, I remember the date though was May 22 of this year. Usually this is seen as a reprieve from hard times, but because the benefics were in the same axis as the malefics, he may not have felt like there was any real danger in the first place.

Zodiacal Aphesis - Fortune:
John F Kennedy Jr - Dates are UT format
Ge gen / sub - 11/25/1960
        Cn sub - 7/18/1962
        Le sub - 8/6/1964
        Vi sub - 2/27/1966
        Li sub - 10/20/1967
        Sc sub - 6/16/1968
        Sa sub - 9/9/1969
        Cp sub - 9/4/1970
        Aq sub - 11/22/1972
        Pi sub - 5/11/1975
        Ar sub - 5/5/1976
        Ta sub - 7/29/1977
        Sa sub - 3/26/1978
        Cp sub - 3/21/1979
Cn gen / sub - 8/12/1980
        Le sub - 9/1/1982
        Vi sub - 3/24/1984
        Li sub - 11/14/1985
        Sc sub - 7/12/1986
        Sa sub - 10/5/1987
        Cp sub - 9/29/1988
        Aq sub - 12/18/1990
        Pi sub - 6/5/1993
        Ar sub - 5/31/1994
        Ta sub - 8/24/1995
        Ge sub - 4/20/1996
        Cp sub - 12/11/1997  <-- loose bond to darkness
        Aq sub - 2/29/2000       (also 8th from fortune)
        Pi sub - 8/17/2002
        Ar sub - 8/12/2003
        Ta sub - 11/4/2004
Le gen / sub - 4/3/2005
        Vi sub - 10/25/2006

The 3rd level subdivision (Cancer again) handed over to all 12 signs of the 4th division by July 5th 1999. The time of the accident then had: Cancer -> Capricorn (LB) -> Cancer (LB) -> Aquarius. Just a few minutes more and Pisces would have had the 4th division (when he was under water). Interestingly, Aquarius is often associated with flight, showing the form that death would take if it had happened at that time, which it did. The bond loosing appears to be an important indicator of activity changes as Valens said it was.

This was not the only indication of danger. Valens describes what is known as the "Climateric Year" and the procedures for examining the periods of danger. First we profect the ascendant at the rate of one sign per year. If the year leaves off at the sign of the prenatal lunation or the squares or diameters of these, the times are dangerous. To quote Valens, "And especially if, these things being so, Kronos should be found in the 4 declines (cadent houses) of the nativity, and the support concurring, death will follow closely thereupon and bodily weakness and bloodshed and precarious sicknesses or hidden troubles, falls and sudden dangers..." Saturn was in Taurus in the 9th declining from the MC, which also happens to be an indicator in general of bad traveling circumstances. The nodes were in fixed signs squaring the prenatal lunation at 26 Scorpio. Also the year of the profection came to Scorpio, nearly to the degree of the prenatal lunation at the time of death (though the Greeks did not profect by degree but by sign). Now I will give the lot used by Valens though he did not give it a specific name; Rob Schmidt suggests calling it the "lot of Crisis" in his footnotes. This is taken from Saturn at the nativity to the lord of the prenatal conjunction or whole Moon (whichever is closer to birth) and an equal amount from the ascendant. (Crisis = Ascendant + Prenatal Syzygy - Saturn) This lot does not vary by sect. In this case since the Moon was waxing at JFK jr's birth we take the lord of the degree of the most recent conjunction, which was in the latter degrees of Scorpio (26 Sc 39), therefore Mars. So: Crisis = Asc + Mars - Saturn, Crisis = 161' 58" + 108' 31" - 285' 33" = 14 Pi 56. Valens says of this: "And wherever it should fall out, when Kronos (Saturn) comes to be there (by transit?) or in the squares or diameters there will be death or a precarious climateric pertaining to the body or action. And similarly also if the climaterical year should come to be in the ascending or descending place (of the Moon - nodes) or their squares."

JFK plane crash

The lot of the Destroyer also plays an interesting role. This lot is calculated from the lord of the Ascendant to the Moon and an equal amount from the Ascendant: Lot = Asc + Moon - Asc lord. (At night: lot = Asc + Asc lord - Moon.) This lot seems from the ancient literature to have a lot to do with death under violent circumstances. This lot falls in the 28th degree of Taurus of his natal chart and is very closely opposed by the prenatal lunation. The Moon squares both places nearly to the degree. According to Critodemus, "When the Moon sees the lot of the destroyer, it causes violent deaths, and worse if the Moon should be found in zoidia that have limbs cut off". While the Moon is not in such a sign, the lot definately is. Much is often said about the transiting nodes and the regarding of malefics to the place of the transiting nodes. In both cases Kennedy had the prenatal lunation, Mars, Saturn and the nodes forming a grand cross, an indication of great tension and danger. Now briefly on to the transit chart of the crash:

This chart is interesting/puzzling in a number of respects. The Moon transits Kennedy's Ascendant in the 8th. The transiting Ascendant is also upon Kennedy's natal Moon, bringing into high tension the prenatal lunation and the lot of the destroyer. The transiting lot of the destroyer was at 24 Libra. Venus was handing over to the lot of injury in the house of death (Virgo). Notice the partile grand trine between the lot of fortune and the 2 benefics, Jupiter and Venus. Perhaps inherent in the moment was a sense that there wasn't any real worry, that things were moving along fine until the end as suggested by FAA reports.

The question is; Would an astrologer know that he was in danger seeing the chart beforehand? I would have to say yes in the case of the zodiacal releasing, though less certain with regard to the other considerations, primarily due to the fact that most astrologers insist that regarding benefics protect from such catastrophic results, which was clearly present here but failed to protect. A significant problem is that most astrologers haven't the time to inspect the charts of all famous figures for all possible times of danger. Software that would search the configurations for setups of damaging time lord sequences and configurations would be of great help.

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