Romney next US President?

© 2015 Curtis Manwaring

I hinted in my article in the election of 2012 that Romney, if he chooses to run, would be in a prime position to win in 2016... Let me say first off that I don't agree with his policies, but I'm not one of those who is easily manipulated into falling off the democrat or republican side of the same corporate party.  What I've been noticing is that the candidates that the corporate media seems intent on grooming for their secretarial position of POTUS all seem to have natal chart indicators for revolution.  For instance Hillary's Mars / Saturn in 10th doesn't bode well for the leadership and Romney's Moon / Jupiter in Scorpio 7th doesn't look good for the people (Moon is in Fall).

It generally isn't useful to guess who wins the presidency on short notice when the 2 party system has already selected its nominees.  This is because if the race is tight, the charts will generally be saying the same thing (the equivalent of Valens "achrematistikos" (not telling) scenario).  And if the race is one sided, then the astrology typically suggests the same.

I bring this up now because the current political "zeitgeist" suggests that Romney has no chance whatsoever, whereas his chart is saying something that we are all having a difficult time seeing: that he could very well be the next US president.  Sometimes charts are not very telling, but other times they will scream at you.  This is one of those times.  Since I don't believe in absolute pre-determination, I will say that this outcome is predicated upon his decision to run.  Otherwise the same indications could suggest an extrordinarily successful business venture.

In particular I want to point out that in 2016, he will be in a 10th house profection year starting on his birthday in March.  Later in the summer (July) he moves into a 10th from fortune spirit period.  Since the onset of these periods is a bit late for nomination, it could be that he runs as an independent against both democrat and republican nominees.  In a 3 way race between Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney, voters might opt finally for "independent" (though he will be anything but) due to being sick of the obvious deja vu of the other choices.

Chart is for the period just before the election:

romney 2016

The medieval variant of the annual profection pointer also points to his natal Sun on election day.  I'm using a slightly rectified birth time of 9:55 am because the lot of exaltation would then be in Cancer (which was activated when Romney became governor of Massachusetts. Notice where the transiting south node is though.

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