The Fifth Astrological House - Good Fortune

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The Fifth House: Also known as "the Good Fortune". [11] In this place, the star of Aphrodite (Venus) rejoices above all others. In both ancient and modern times, this place was considered to give signs for children. When one of the water signs governs this place it is said to be an indicator of fertility and abundance of children. The same is said if the benefics, Jupiter or Venus are said to be present. The malefics were thought to be indicators of either the inability to have children or the parents witnessing their premature death, especially in the case of Saturn. In modern times, while this can still be true, Saturn has taken on the role of scientist, indicating that while the couple may still be naturally barren, they may still have children with the help of science. The quadrepedal signs (four hoofed signs like Aries, Taurus, Leo, etc...) were generally an indication of few children in ancient times, possibly because their bestial nature was thought to produce non-human offspring, or monsters (the ancient term for birth defects). This place also gives signs to the parent as to what their relationship to their children will be like. William Lilly wrote in "Christian Astrology" that if Saturn, Mars or the South Node be in the 5th house, then the children will not be easily regulated and are very averse to the parents. [12]

Thinking in terms of the process starting with the 1st, the 5th represents our coming out of our shell (the 4th) to show ourselves. This is still on a personal level as this place is below the horizon, but because it is in the west hemisphere, it involves feedback from others. It represents our expression of love, whether reserved, or on our shirt sleeve, and our investments of ourselves in others. This can take a material form as well in terms of the investments we make on stocks. The post ascensional houses (succedent) represent a cycle of the flow of capital. The second represents our having capital. The 5th therefore, since it is the 90 degree outgoing square, represents a challenge to what we have, signifying our expendatures and spending habits.

Because the 5th represents what we put out from our deepest selves, it is symbolic of the creative process, and at the biological level, children are the result (the 5th house is 9 months after the 8th house of sex). On an emotional level, this is the house of our romantic lives, our playfulness (or recreation). It is about having fun. In the month of August when the Sun is in the 5th sign every year, people commonly go to parks, fairgrounds, or on vacation. After this comes labor day, (Virgo) signifying that the party is over.

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