The Sixth Astrological House - Evil Fortune

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The Sixth House: Also known as "the Evil Fortune". [14] The declines (cadent houses) are generally known for their unfortunate consequences, but of the 4 declines, two stand out especially; the 6th and 12th houses. Because the 6th house is below the horizon, it is associated with the lunar (nocturnal) sect, and therefore with matters of fortune and the physical body. For this reason, Mars, of the nocturnal sect, and the lesser of the two infortunes, joys in this place. Paulus says that the other planets when they happen to be in this place are ineffectual for their own effects unless they should happen to be in trine to planets in the midheaven [15]. The declines in general were thought to be somewhat ineffectual, which is why we tend to think of these places as weak (though the Gauquelin data disagree). I believe one should consider what a given place is ineffectual or weak for. Not all places are equally productive of sickness or injury, for example.

The 6th house is more commonly known for giving signs related to work and health, particularly sickness and injury because this place is in aversion to the ascendant which represents the life breath. The ancients often say that due to the trine figure this place has to the midheaven, that it gives signs for what one does. Some call it the place of apprenticeship or discipleship, but if the indicators were more negative, then it was considered an indication of indentured servitude or slavery.

From a metaphysical point of view, comparing this place to where it stands in the cycle from the 1st house; the last place (5th house) is related to your output, and the next place (7th house) relates to visibility. Therefore this place is related to the feedback we receive from others about what or how we express ourselves in rehearsal for the debut with the public (7th). This requires alot of work, critiquing and refining. Any planets in this place (or as lord of this place) show our attitudes toward this process of self improvement, and how we respond to crisis and change.

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