Jupiter in First House

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JupiterJupiter: If the lord of the 1st is Jupiter, or Jupiter is in the 1st house, in sect, you are considered fortunate. Physically you may tend to gain weight, and may suffer from diabetes and will somehow resemble the archetype of Santa Claus, appearing jovial. Moving or traveling abroad is often the focus of your life and there are many adventures. The search for the truth begins from within if Jupiter is on the ascendant. Frequently, there is a commedian lurking within, or perhaps just a less serious more light hearted approach to life. If Jupiter is highly elevated, received or dignified, celebrity and reknown is possible, and they serve next to the throne or on the bench. If Jupiter is out of sect, then the blue air is removed leaving only a starry sky, and the established truth is no comfort. The native becomes a searcher for the truth in unorthodox places, fearing no taboo, constantly restless in faith.

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