Jupiter in Second House

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JupiterJupiter: If the lord of the 2nd is Jupiter, or Jupiter is in the 2nd house, in sect, and well dignified or received, then there is abundance and good fortune; one who with little effort, has many offerings for livelihood or is waited on hand and foot. The airy sanguinous nature is amplified for those born in the daylight. The danger here is that the native will grow too accustomed to the silver spoon in his mouth, and sometimes there are so many opportunities for advancement, they can't seize them all. If Jupiter is afflicted or out of sect, the goods are not as easily delivered, and overly convinced of their good luck, there can be waste and speculation. Enterprises may fail and with a lack of proper perspective bankruptcy is a possibility. This is because at night, the cooling of Jupiters moist air causes the dew to fall to the ground. Unable to keep their hopes aloft, the illusion of prosperity is dispelled and they become less self confident. In both cases their tastes tend toward the extravagant.


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7. Schmidt often brings up athenian philosophical intrigues like this, but I am extrapolating here.

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