Jupiter in Fifth House

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JupiterJupiter: If Jupiter is Lord of the 5th or in the 5th, in sect and/or essentially dignified, then this is the classical indicator of good luck in investments, and love, and children; both in having many offspring and in having good relationships with them, particularly if a water or earth sign governs this place. If air or especially fire govern this place, then the native finds it difficult to settle down early and finds the night life and social scene more appealing. You may enjoy vacationing in places like Vegas, or Atlantic city and enjoy sports. Others may see you as a big spender. You may be very generous and philanthropic. If however Jupiter is out of sect, debilitated, or afflicted, it is indicative of overspending or excessive gambling where investments go wrong, difficulties with children, or possibly being too pushy in romance. If earth has control of this place, however, these problems may be minimized. The key to success here is to keep proper and realistic perspective, particularly in your social life and financial issues.


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