Mars in Fourth House

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MarsMars: If the lord of the 4th is Mars or Mars is in the 4th house, of the sect and dignified or received, the native may be a miner for raw minerals. Because this place is hidden, you may be adept at covering your tracks or at uncovering secrets. Due to the relationship to the land, you may enjoy the sport of hunting and tracking game. You will have fortitude and know how to stand your ground. If out of Sect, debilitated or afflicted, then the excessive heat makes domestic discord too hot to bear. On a material level this is like having a bull in a china shop, where things get broken often. The native may leave home early, particularly if the lot concerning being away from home is here or in the squares to this place. Interestingly, Paulus says that Mars here out of sect contributes to the "falling sickness" (probably epilepsy) [10]. My guess is that this is because the instability that actions (Mars) in the daytime create with ones footing (4th house), creates a clumsy coordination, hence "falling sickness".


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