Mars in Fifth House

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MarsMars: If Mars is lord of the 5th or in the 5th, then you probably enjoy competition, and if dignified or of the sect in favor then you are probably good at it and usually come out on top. If you have children, then your relationship with them is likely to be turbulent, unless the lord of your ascendant is favorably received by the 5th, or the 5th is in aspect to one of the fortunes (according to Lilly). You tend to be very forceful in your self expression and will not likely tolerate anyone trying to inhibit you and are not afraid of making a scene. You tend to prefer the direct approach in love. If however Saturn makes a harsh figure with Mars in this place (or with Mars being lord of this place), then your timing will tend to be off with regard to love and speculative ventures. If however, Mars is also out of sect, then the competition turns nasty and unfair, and the gloves come off, and if you have children, they become fierce or suffer from hyperactivity disorder. This is because Mars is excessively hot in the daytime; but can be more easily moderated if Mars falls in a water sign, or is a good figure with the benefics.


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