Mars in Seventh House

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MarsMars: If Mars is in the 7th or is lord of the 7th and dignified or received, and of the sect, the native would make a good general, leading successful military campaigns in later years. There is a decidedly competitive tone as even under the best of circumstances this tends to produce rivalry and one-upsmanship. Paulus says: " becomes a contributing cause of many afflictions, now causing upset with injuries, now with sufferings, and it will make those who absolutely fail to acquire property, or those who continue on foreign ground, or wanderers, or those who live abroad ... those who are short lived or die a violent death". [25] In modern times this is not as likely unless Mars is out of sect, debilitated and afflicted. More likely, it will manifest as agressiveness or ambition from a partner; whether this is positive or negative depends upon how it is handled.


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