Mercury in First House

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MercuryMercury: If the lord of the 1st house is Mercury, or Mercury is in the 1st house and is afflicted (by square or opposition) by Saturn contrary to sect without help from the benefics, and the child manages to survive infancy, they may be either deaf or possbly have some learning impairment and/or difficulty with speech (stuttering). Should they (with Mercury in, or as lord of the 1st) also be inclined to follow the path of least resistance and if the lord of honor (10th house lord), or lot of spirit, is debilitated, represented by a malefic out of sect, they may become evil doers, content in their own ignorance. If the lord of honor is strong, they continue in the face of hardship or occasional embarassment gradually overcoming their agnoia. If Mercury is the one received, by benefics, and dignified, they become powerful spokespeople, intellectually refined, versatile in argument and lawyerly. They are often in charge of documents and experiments, are fortunate in contractual negotiations, are sought out for advice and often have the keys to riddles and mysteries.

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