Mercury in Tenth House

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MercuryMercury: If Merury is lord of the 10th, or in the 10th, and received or dignified, it signifys those who are good at oratory, those set forth before the public in the news media and frequent changes in employment. According to Paulus: " will produce those who make their living from arguments, science, writings, or by delivering speeches,... ...inspectors, secretaries, clerks, notaries, pleaders [at law], public advocates, lawyers, interpreters or bankers". [54] Often they have a good sense of public opinion and are very adept at persuasion, and they are those who are listened to by many, and have great influence over policy. Frequently they can be found close to the throne, but rarely are they the center of attention themselves. But when Mercury is afflicted by Mars (and quite possibly also debilitated, in the diurnal sect) according to Paulus: " shows those who are liars, atheists, impious, sacrilegious [temple robbers literally], or those who diminish the divine ... and forgers, counterfeiters, robbers, slayers ... and those who will have an evil name ... infamous on account of these things". [55] Mercury creates considerable mischief should it happen to be in less dignity than Mars, showing that survival comes ahead of honor. If afflicted by Saturn, especially at night, it shows difficulty at attracting attention, obscurity, and a tendency to get stuck in a rut or a dirty job.


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