Mercury in Second House

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MercuryMercury: If the lord of the 2nd is Mercury, or Mercury is in the 2nd house, well received, the person often makes a living as a merchant or accountant or book keeper. They make adept bankers, planners of estates and foundations. Even under the best of circumstances the standard of living tends to be fast paced, with many ups and downs. They often do not like to hold onto things for too long as they tend to think this weighs them down. If Mercury is afflicted by the malefics, they run the risk of making an account of themselves to the authorities, or they become tax collectors or those who launder the spoils of criminals. It seems that many with this type of position run into such difficulties because they learned detachment at about the same time as object permanence.


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7. Schmidt often brings up athenian philosophical intrigues like this, but I am extrapolating here.

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