Mercury in Fifth House

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MercuryMercury: If Mercury is lord of the 5th or in the 5th, and in some sort of dignity or received, then it is an indication that the native knows where to put investments. If Mercury functions as the main indicator for what one does, then being a stock broker, investments analyst, bookie, or the dealer at a black jack table or an accountant for race track betting, or car salesmen, are all typical vocations. If the lot of treachery or theft is here or in the squares, or squared, opposed or joined by any malefics then it may be an indication of con artistry [13]. It is more likely if this place also functions as the place of acquisition, or Mercury is lord of the aquisition. If Mercury is debilitated and afflicted then it also indicates the above but with less success. More typically it just indicates individuals who like to play practical jokes from time to time and are fairly good at communication, but with debility there is the potential for mis-communication and the danger of coming off like a jerk.


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