Mercury in Sixth House

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MercuryMercury: If Mercury is in the 6th or is lord of the 6th, and dignified or received, especially by the lord of the 10th, then this is good for professions in accounting, writing, education, communications or news media, computer science and technical fields. You are highly efficient and adaptable and able to handle many different tasks at the same time. You will have many chances to advance yourself and job changes are usualy frequent unless an earth sign happens to govern this place. If debilitated or afflicted then it becomes an indicator of frequent job changes without stability, a hectic schedule and alot of disorganization, and there is a greater liklihood that co-workers will talk behind your back, or you may become the scapegoat for practical, knavish jokes. Communication at work may be more often misunderstood. It does not matter much what sect the chart is as Mercury functions equally well in both. Illnesses associated with Mercury: excessive worry leading to nervous ailments, Parkinsons disease, possibly alzheimers.


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