Mercury in Ninth House

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MercuryMercury: If Merury is lord of the 9th or in the 9th and received or dignified in some way, then professorship and scholarship is a strong possiblilty. There is a tendency to be more analytical about philosophy and religion and to question the truth. There is often frequent travel indicated and many changes in philosophy during your lifetime so that at the end of life you end up with a very different belief structure than what you began with. According to Paulus: "When the Sun has dealt with the star of Hermes [Mercury] there, they will make mantics, dream-interpreters, astrologers, augurs and altogether those who participate in the mysteries". [39] This is because Mercury is able to translate, acting as logos for the visions that come through the Suns enlightenment. Valens says similarly: "...and [if] Hermes alone bears witness, they become subject to oracular warnings, and they interpret their experience to the crowds, and they become royal scribes from the times of their middle years". [40] If however Mercury is debilitated or afflicted, then the questioning of faith or vision becomes endless and there is a tendency to become the devils advocate. An exception may be if Mercury happens to be in Sagittarius or Pisces, then Mercury is not authentic to the questioning process, frequently overlooking details and winking at injustices. Foreign travel under these conditions is often at least inconvenient and can at times be dangerous, frought with accusation and legal difficulties. The key to overcoming these difficulties lies in an accepting attitude and keeping an open mind.


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