Moon in Second House

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MoonMoon: If the lord of the 2nd is the Moon, or the Moon is in the 2nd house, of the sect, well dignified and/or received, the native has a well founded sense of security and will probably benefit from the resources of female relatives. You will tend to acumulate alot of odds and ends and may be a collector of various classes of objects. Real estate, agriculture, environmental regulation, and the culinary arts may be professions that appeal to you for livelihood. If out of sect and afflicted, the security and self esteem suffers and the changeable nature of livelihood is amplified. This individual finds it a challenge to give and receive and to share. This is because the "Other" (Plato), which is of a dyadic nature, can be contrary to the consistency needed for building self esteem in youth. [7]


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6. From dinner conversation with Robert Schmidt.
7. Schmidt often brings up athenian philosophical intrigues like this, but I am extrapolating here.

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