Moon in Fourth House

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MoonMoon: If the Moon is lord of the 4th or in the 4th, even if dignified or received, your home environment changes a lot and you may move frequently unless a fixed sign takes on the matters of the subterraneous place. This is because of the contrariety of the Moon, often associated with Plato's "Other". You may however enjoy being by the water and will be fortunate in matters of real estate. If however it is afflicted or in debility, you may have problems with your mother or she is absent from your life. Often it is an indication that the parents will separate or divorce. You may also feel restless at home and deprived of basic needs. On a material level, this could cause problems with plumbing and the septic system and/or you may be living in a flood plain, due to the Moons cold and wet nature.


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