Moon in Fifth House

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MoonMoon: If the Moon is lord of the 5th or in the 5th house, of the sect, and dignified or received, then you will be fortunate in love and romance. You may also eventually have a large family. You may have a talent for picking stocks and for selling short. You will probably like vacationing near waterside resorts or enjoy spending time at the beach. In many cases this individual wears their heart on their shirtsleeve, being unusually open with their emotions. Your children will tend to be moody if you decide to have any, and may be shy, unless a fire sign happens to be here as well. The Moons "Other" like nature and contrariety of disposition creates shifts and many ups and downs in romance and social life. If the Moon is out of sect then there is increased inhibition in expressing one's feelings, and one may be inclined to love from a safe distance, keeping his/her feelings secret. This is even more the case if Saturn should square or oppose the Moon, or the Moon is in some sort of debility.


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