Moon in Seventh House

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MoonMoon: This is often an indication of someone who needs companionship and should not try to go it alone. According to Paulus: "When the Moon obtains the seventh zoidion from the horoskopos as its lot, it will make for a life abroad. And if it should be found in the damp signs, when the birth is during the day, it will make shipowners, pilots, sailors, ones who spend their lives as merchant-seamen...". [26] My mother had this combination (Moon in Cancer in the 7th, except at night). She spent her last years sailing in a 43' sailboat off the Florida Keys and lived at Alabama Jacks next to the ocean. Here the Moons contrarian nature creates frequent change and a need for something outside the self that becomes stronger the older you get. If the Moon is afflicted or debilitated here, or as lord of the 7th, it can signify a partner who becomes overly dependant, demanding and clingy, who does not respect your personal space.


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