Saturn in First House

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SaturnSaturn: If the lord of the 1st is Saturn, or Saturn is in the 1st house, of the sect, then you are likely to be ambitious, steady and persevering. There is an air of seriousness and committment visible about you. Physically, you may be prone to circulation problems in the lower extremeties, dry skin, or arthritis, or other bone problems in old age, and if there are other negative indicators the health problems tend to be chronic. Depression is also possible and probably more likely if Saturn is out of sect. On the positive side, what you make tends to last and if Saturn is highly elevated, near the MC, or in Libra, you could make it as high as CEO of a corporation. If Capricorn is rising, you may find happiness in agriculture, and/or products made from earth. Born at night, you may have difficulty budgeting your time and either overwork or not work enough, and consequently find it difficult to get ahead. Because Saturn is excessively cold and dry it needs the heat of the day to function properly. It is also the color of black and needs the light for contrast, so if in the 1st, without light, the individual does not know who they are, may suffer an identity crisis and often there is a lack of self esteem. But born in the day, with Saturn in a profitable place, their roadmap to life is already paved for them by others expectations, ahead of time and without consent, though often with few objections from the native.

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