Saturn in Tenth House

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SaturnSaturn: If Saturn is lord of the 10th, or in the 10th, and dignified or received, and of the sect, it shows the attainment of a high social position, great responsibility and rank after a long trial or period of hard work, usually past the age of 30. Here the native has a clear sense of right and wrong because the darkness of Saturn is contrasted by the light. This is commonly seen in the charts of the British monarchy. In charts where a lack of eminence is indicated (by the 4 lots), it shows a good relationship to superiors, loyalty and servitude without complaint, and an opinion that the superiors are just. Also according to Paulus: "When Kronos (Saturn) occupies this place for diurnal births and is present in zoidia in which it rejoices, it will make for employment at waterside jobs, and shows those who become wealthy, fond of husbandry and protective of the country, as well as those who become owners of land and of foundations". [48] But if Saturn is out of sect, or in debility with affliction, then the native finds it difficult to get ahead and be successful because in darkness it is difficult to organize your priorities in attaining the summit. According to Paulus: " will produce those who become dysfunctional, unsuccessful at acquiring property, unable to get ahead, slothful, ill-wedded, with few children, and poor...". [49] I might add that it likely produces a mistrust of authority because it would be difficult for the native to see any reasoning in their actions being overpowered by the darkness of Saturn. Often the actions of the native are unjust because the native cannot see clearly the right path because of ignorance, and for the same reasons. In the charts of those who are eminent, it indicates the decay of their empire under their rule, through bad policy, corruption, and lack of justice. This was the case in Hitlers chart, where Saturn was in Leo in the MC and the lord (the Sun) was setting. Compare this with what Valens said 2 paragraphs above.


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