Saturn in Second House

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SaturnSaturn: If the lord of the 2nd is Saturn, or Saturn is in the 2nd house, of the sect, and well dignified or received, then you will have a cautious disposition to financial matters and a potential for great wealth exists. The early lessons in your life balanced a sense of stability and agnoia, so that you have a good sense of your financial limitations, while at the same time not becoming overly pessimistic, overlooking financial opportunities. The danger here is excessive materialism; of ignorance that there is anything beyond personal wealth. This is the "Ebenezer Scrooge" position. Saturn, being the superior planet, tempts the native to believe there is nothing beyond its material expression of itself, since it presents itself as the ultimate authority. This illusion is more readily believed in charts of the diurnal sect, because the daylight clearly shows where boundaries lie, but for those born at night, the darkness leaves the native ignorant to possible and real dangers. Unable to distinguish between the shadows and the darkness, the native is more likely to make unsound financial decisions and have an unclear sense of what is valuable and worth while. Lack of self esteem is probable.


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7. Schmidt often brings up athenian philosophical intrigues like this, but I am extrapolating here.

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