Saturn in Fourth House

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SaturnSaturn: If the lord of the 4th is Saturn or Saturn is in the 4th house, of the sect and dignified or received, it indicates those who eventually become rich (possibly through the patrimony), those who make use of a good family name and become lords of foundations and estates. Sometimes the native can trace their lineage back many generations because the daylight clarifys and nullifys the agnoia of Saturn yet supports its lengthy period and tradition. More modestly, it signifys tillers of the soil or caretakers of estates, and those who sift through the earth in search of treasure, archaeologists and lovers of history. Due to the brightness of the daylight, Saturn is able to create a strong family structure and a secure sense of belonging, and one feels tied to the land. If afflicted, or debilitated, then this structure becomes inhibiting of personal ambition, or a sign of domestic disturbance and the native feels trapped. Incarceration is also a possibility, particularly if the lot of accusation is here or in one of the squares of this place. If out of sect then the darkness becomes overpowering and the native may be an orphan, particularly if the lots of the father and mother or their lords are opposed. Or they may just feel like an orphan, estranged from their family (particularly the father), without a sense of belonging, being ignorant of their lineage.


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