Saturn in Sixth House

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SaturnSaturn: If Saturn is in the 6th house or is lord of the 6th, and dignified or received, then the native benefits from a steady routine, is considered a hard worker, prompt and disciplined, a stickler for details, and advances slowly with the aid of superiors. If Saturn is in sect then a clear purpose and goal is defined by the light of the Sun. If out of sect, then the discipline becomes excessive or coerced without a clear outcome to all of the hard work, because the darkness obscures it. Military service may be a possiblilty in either case, with greater danger of dishonorable discharge if born at night. This is the individual who is most likely to get stuck in a job he/she doesn't like. Sometimes the native becomes obsessive with routine, trying to make order out of chaos. Obviously, with a position like this it can be very difficult to get ahead and noticed for your work. The key to overcoming the negative manifestations of this placement is understanding that the "devil is in the details". Illnesses related to Saturn: bone deseases like arthritis, broken bones, rhumatism, all ailments that are chronic.


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