Saturn in Seventh House

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SaturnSaturn: If Saturn is in the 7th house and dignified or received, especially if it is in sect, then according to Paulus Alexandrinus: "it rejoices, if indeed it should be found in its own zoidion, trigon or exaltation. For it will make those who are long-lived, successful after a time, long-lasting, and wealthy...". [23] This is because Saturn, signifying the quality of life in the golden years (by being in the 7th house and by being the most lengthy chronocrator), brings awareness of proper boundaries in relationships, balancing the light and knowledge of the day with darkness and privacy. If Saturn is lord of the 7th house in similar conditions to the above, then success comes but earlier in proportion to how far it is from the ascendant. If Saturn is out of sect in this place (or as lord of this place), it is an indicator of difficulty in understanding one's marriage partner, or adversaries are able to conceal their true intentions (especially if many degrees of the descendant be below the horizon) and the native may be in abject circumstances in old age. In either case modern astrologers show this to be a contributing cause of May-December romances and marriages, and those who marry late in life.


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