Saturn in Ninth House

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SaturnSaturn: If Saturn is lord of the 9th or in the 9th and dignified or received, it is indicative of a seriousness of philosophy and a scientific attitude towards faith, especially when it is in sect. Many scientists and technicians have this position. This is because Saturn in the daylight can see clearly to structure and order existence and give it purpose and meaning. There is often a lawful and structured attitude toward faith. Many with this position seek the meaning of life, and Saturn by its very nature as being that planet which there is nothing beyond, denies the knowledge of what is beyond its own sphere. For this reason, if there is any debility or affliction and especially if Saturn is out of sect, the native feels engulfed in darkness and cut off from the divine. Atheism may result. Here the lesson is that the law is not the path to righteousness, but only points out inequity. So very often the result is a feeling of inadequacy and unworthiness. Self persecution is often the next step, in hopes of earning salvation. On another level, it can indicate legal troubles, isolation and inconvenience while traveling abroad, interruptions in higher education, and sometimes travel restrictions. The saying that it is a small world applies here, because if one cannot investigate the beyond, they are forced into its opposite; the 3rd house local environment. The key to success here lies in overcoming agnoia [ignorance] itself.


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