Sun in Tenth House

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SunSun: When the Sun has lordship of this place or if it should happen to be present in dignity or received, especially if also of the sect, then according to Paulus: " shows men who are royal, esteemed and eminent... ...and it makes those who are sprung from a notable father". [52] Jackie Kennedy Onassis is a perfect example of this configuration. She coined the term "Camelot" to represent the presidency of JFK, and the ideal for this type of leadership. Often there is an immense drive to succeed in business and to become the best at whatever one does, not being willing to be second to anyone. There is often a flair and a talent for promotion and they occasionally become famous or reknown in many places. They sometimes become kings and leaders of nations. Napoleon and Mussolini are examples of this. On another level, it can indicate creative or divine inspiration or insight that seems to come from above. But if the Sun is afflicted, or in debility, it can be an indication of failure to succeed or after success there is disgrace, downfall and infamy. Frequently, ego and pride can be seen to have gotten in the way of admitting to mistakes making the situation worse. Sometimes it is an indication that creativity is blocked (as in Hitlers case) particularly if it is Saturn that is involved in the affliction. If the Sun is also out of sect it may show rebels or those who desire to bring down the leadership or do so by accident (like Rasputin).


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