Sun in Fourth House

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SunSun: If the lord of the 4th is the Sun or the Sun is in the 4th, and dignified or received, then family life is fortunate and is the center of your purpose in life. Your father probably ran the household when you were young. You may pride yourself in knowing your family history and you have a strong sense of where you belong. If fortune or the aquisition is also here you may become a landlord. If out of sect, then you prefer to keep your life private and tend to shy away from the limelight. If the Sun is in sect while lord of the 4th, then you will prefer the public life, sometimes feeling like your personal life is a little too exposed. If the Sun is in detriment or fall and/or afflicted by malefics, you may not know your father or you become estranged from him. You may have trouble benefiting from the father's estate or will. Often there is discord and power struggles on the domestic scene and the native may struggle with finding a place to belong, particularly if the birth was nocturnal.


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