Sun in Fifth House

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SunSun: If the Sun is lord of the 5th, of the sect, or is in the 5th with essential dignity, then the power of Nous brings heightened conscious awareness of how what you create affects others; meaning that you are probably creatively inspired and have a natural ability to command respect. If the 5th is a fire sign, you often become the center of attention at social occasions. In either case, your children will look up to you with respect and there is a high level of integrity in the way you express yourself. If the Sun is out of sect, then the forcefulness of your self expression is diminished and you will tend to be more modest at social occasions and in romantic settings. If the Sun is in sect (can only happen as lord of the 5th) but afflicted by Saturn and debilitated it can indicate having to overcome obstacles for love (as in Romeo and Juliet). If however, the Sun is out of sect and in a bad figure with Saturn, then the native lacks confidence in him/herself or they suffer because of unrequited love. This is because the darkness of Saturn overcomes the light of the Sun at night, and the native does not see what their self expression produces.


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