Sun in Sixth House

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Sun: If the Sun is in the 6th or is lord of the 6th and dignified or received, then it signifies someone who works tirelessly, and is practically indefatigueable. If the Sun is lord of this place and in sect and not debilitated, it shows greater awareness of self and internal flaws and an ability to overcome shortcomings, because the Sun is Nous. In fact they often have to because their flaws easily come to light. If the Sun is out of sect in this place (or as lord of the 6th), then self awareness, or feedback from others is lacking and if inclined to self improvement, they may not know when to stop or when they are ready to showcase their talents. They then become workaholics, constantly studying and working. Paulus said that the Sun in this place "shows one who is begotten by a poor, obscure, low-born, or banished father; and who is sometimes even fatherless". [17] I would also add that if the lot of the father or its lord are in this place then the same might be true, especially if afflicted. Illnesses that tend to be related to the Sun: fever, circulatory or cardiac disorders and back pain, especially if afflicted by Saturn.


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