Venus in Second House

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VenusVenus: If the lord of the 2nd is Venus, or Venus is in the 2nd house, of the sect in favor, there are good expectations in financial matters and a balance concerning income and expendatures. The native finds ample opportunity for work and may benefit from the resources of women. Apparel, fashion and wardrobes, jewelry are common industries. If either of the malefics scrutinize (aspect) this place or its lord, the native finds it difficult to hold onto possessions, and may fall victim to thieves when the malefics become chronocrators for the times, particularly in the times when the lots of theft or treachery are active for this place. In extreme cases, they become those holding out their hands. Most of the time it just leads to those suffering from financial pinches, inconveniences, and occasionally debt.


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7. Schmidt often brings up athenian philosophical intrigues like this, but I am extrapolating here.

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