Venus in Fourth House

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VenusVenus: If the lord of the 4th is Venus or Venus is in the 4th, dignified or received, then the home atmosphere feels cosy and tranquil and may tend towards the luxurious. You will most likely have a good relationship to your parents and will be more likely to benefit from them financially. You probably enjoy hosting private parties, and make a gracious host. If in detriment or some other debility and or afflicted, it may be an indication of domestic turmoil or a broken home where the parents have separated or divorced. If Venus is in the 4th, it cannot be in its own light because it is never more than 45 degrees away from the Sun and the horizon is close to 90 degrees away. The only possible exception is near the poles, where the difference between the IC and the Asc can be near nil. On a philosophical level this means that Venus at night enjoys being above the horizon enjoying the night life and social scene more than staying at home. Venus is often most prominent (and visible) in the early evening hours, just after sunset during happy hour.


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