Venus in Fifth House

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VenusVenus: Venus is in its joy in this place. If Venus is in this place or is lord of this place, and is also dignified and/or received it is said to be indicative of fertility, and of a good relationship with one's children. Even without these added dignities, love and self expression, creativity and artistic/musical talent come easily to this native. They enjoy an active social life and are very popular. The epitomy of this archetype is the lifestyle at the Playboy mansion, where Aphrodite is queen. If Venus is oriental, (rises before the Sun in the morning) it is indicative of an outgoing nature, if occidental, (setting in the west after Sunset) the native is more reserved in expression and waits for romance rather than taking action. Financially you will tend to be somewhat extravagant and may have trouble holding onto your assets. It is more difficult financially if Venus happens to be afflicted or in fall or detriment; indicating that the native does not invest wisely. In love, these natives may suffer betrayal, may become unpopular, or in some rare cases they become the victim of stalking (particularly if Pluto is involved). It is interesting that Venus is extremely rarely out of sect in this place. This is because there is never more than 45 degrees between the Sun and Venus.


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