Venus in Sixth House

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VenusVenus: If Venus is in the 6th or is lord of the 6th and dignified or received, then this is effective for advancing at work through charm or the good graces of your employer. This is not the best place for Venus however in general because without help from other planets, Venus is less inclined to deliver its benefic qualities here. If Venus is debilitated or afflicted here then it can be an indicator of slothfullness at work and a lack of popularity among co-workers. This is archetypically similar to the story of Cinderella who would rather go to a ball, but is stuck serving her older sisters in the back room, dressed in rags. Venus is not inclined to self improvement either. This placement is good for those who work in the medical profession or related fields, showing good luck with patients and a favorable bedside manner. It is also good for those who work in fashion or the beauty industry. Illnesses associated with Venus: kidney failure, diabetes, being overweight and associated complications.


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