Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Color and Visibility Themes:

The color and visibility themes are on the Themes tab in the chart designer window:

Image visible-color-theme.GIF

The visibility themes will store all existing visibility settings from the other tabs under a theme name provided in the edit field at top left.  The time to add a theme is when you realize that you are working with a group of planets for a particular purpose and you have a set of them that you use for that purpose.  For instance, if you are looking at to natal charts and trying to understand how they get along and you never use asteroids and you want the ascendant and midheaven visible in both charts, then you make the settings on the other tabs and you would before, and click the Apply button.

Next you want to save these settings for future use, so under "New Theme Name" you type the name of a theme:

Image new-visibility-theme-name.GIF

When you have typed in a new theme name, the button to the right with a (+) becomes enabled.  Click it and the new theme will be added to the list.  The settings that existed at the time of the click are what was added to the theme database.  The new theme name must be unique in the list.  If you want to modify an existing theme, then you will have to click it (this will load the existing theme settings into the other tabs), then click the remove visibility theme button at the bottom of thet list.  Then you can make modifications on the other tabs and come back to save the modified theme under the preferrred name.

Notice that clicking on a theme loads all of the settings that you specified before.  There is no limit on the number of themes you can define and their purpose is to eliminate repetitive clicking on multiple check boxes every time you want to reset things.  Once a theme is set, all you have to do is press the <F2> key, click a theme and click Save and you're working under the new settings. The color themes work in exactly the same way.

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