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Screen Size Considerations:

When considering what value to set for glyph separation consider these factors:

1.  The size of your screen.  If you are using a large area on the screen, the glyph separation value can be smaller because the glyphs have a smaller relative angular diameter on a larger screen.

2. The size of the glyph font.  The larger the font, the larger the angular diameter.  This would vote for a larger glyph separation value.

3. The distance the glyph is from the center of the screen.  This means that glyph separation values should be higher for the inside wheel in a bi-wheel arrangement.  This is why there are 2 fields for glyph separation on the bi-wheel tab.

A few trial and error sessions should get it to your satisfaction.  The same process is also done in setting the glyph separation for Gif files in Html Reports.

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