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Creating Chart Images:

To manually create a chart image (Gif file) for the image currently displayed in the chart viewer, click the "Print Preview and Html Viewer" button at the top of the chart display.

Image print-preview-btn.GIF

This will bring up the "Print Preview / Image and Html Viewer" window:

Image img-viewer.GIF

It is important to note that the image is recreated from the Html Reporting Options <F7>.

By default, the currently displayed chart image is recreated here.  You may clear the currently displayed image and click on File | Draw Chart to recreate the image if you change charts.

Image draw-gif.GIF

Once the Gif file is drawn, the Save Gif As and Clear menu items will be enabled.  For the Create and Save Html menu items to be enabled, you need to save the Gif file first, because that Gif file would be included in an html report.

Note:  It is important to know that behind the scenes, when you click on Draw Chart, you are also drawing the high resolution version for *.pdf files and for printing.  Gif files are meant for web publishing, and do not print as well as higher resolution files.

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