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Using Print Preview:

As strange as this sounds, Print Preview can be accessed from both the main chart viewer and from the Print Preview window itself.  The latter is possible because there are 2 different types of print preview.  The first type can be accessed by pressing the Print Preview button from the main chart viewer as shown below:

Image print-prev-main.GIF

This will bring up the "Print Preview / Image and Html Viewer" window as shown below:

Image img-viewer.GIF

This preview shows approximately what will be printed showing only the Gif image which is an approximation of the larger print file and based upon the same birth chart data.  A more exact preview can be had by clicking on the same toolbutton that you clicked on in the main chart viewer which is in this preview window as well, but here it means "give an exact preview".  This will bring up a new window as shown below:

Image print-output-options.GIF

From here you can decide to bypass and print directly, continue to preview by clicking OK or save the printer data to file.  One of these save to file options uses *.pdf format (Adobe Acrobat), but there is a simpler way to create acrobat files.  If you click OK here, then you will see the preview window below:

Image second-preview.GIF

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