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XML Tag Reference:

XML stands of "eXtensible Markup Language" and is really the base upon which the HTML standard was created.  HTML uses the characters "<" and ">" to enclose tag information.  XML does the same thing, but has the # character after "<" so that <#.....> represents an XML or "user defined" tag.  This is not the place to go into html programming.  I assume you know this already if you are publishing on the web.  If you are new to html, don't worry.  It is one of the easiest languages you can learn in computer science.  It takes most people less than two weeks to feel at home with producing their own pages for the web.  If you need to learn HTML, then go to and search for "html standard" or "w3c consortium" for more info.

There are alot of user defined tags in your template, and you have the freedom to change some of these around to suit your needs.  But you need to know what each tag means in Delphic Oracle so that you can re-arrange them in a meaningful way.  I will not go into all of the tags in the html tables used for getting dignities, eminence, etc.  An intelligent person can look at the tags and compare the output to see where each xml tags maps to.  Instead I will show the format of the more generally used tags.


1. <#copyright> - This tag takes the value in the copyright field in your Html Report Options (<F7> key).  Place it anywhere in your template that want your copyright info to show (more than once is okay).

2. <#birthchart> - This tag gets replaced with the <IMG SRC="../ChtImg/birthchart.gif"> or whatever the name of the gif file is that you created for your report.  Put this where you want the main chart to be shown.  Again, more than once is ok, but probably pointless.

3. <#chartname> - This labels the chart as belonging to an individual with the same name you entered when you created the chart.  For instance you might want your <Title> tag to look like this: <Title>Birth chart of <#chartname></Title>.

4. <#width> - Is replaced by the table width field in your Html Report Options.

5. <#hrwidth> - Is replaced by the horizontal rule width field in your Html Report Options.

6. <#credits> - Places my copyright info in the report saying "reprinted by permission".  If you are going to include my copyright information in just one place on your site, then remove this tag from your template so you won't be removing it every time you generate a report.

You can remove any XML tag you wish to.  If Delphic Oracle does not find it, it assumes you don't want the information included in your report.

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