Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Viewing Reports:

To create an html report automatically using the settings in the Html Report options, click the Html Report button as shown below:

Image btn-html-rpt.GIF


You need to have the "View in default browser" checkbox checked on the Html Options tab so that it loads automatically in your browser.  Otherwise you will need to go into windows explorer and browse to the directory location (and double click it) to see the file (or run you web browser and select its opwn menu to get the file.

If you have already generated a report by the same name, then clicking the "Html Report" button will bring up a dialog asking whether you wish to overwrite the existing html file with the current one.  Click the No button, if you are not sure or if you have written comments in that file.  The file name of the html file is the same as the chart name.

You can also view one manually by clicking the "Viewer" button (below the "Html Report" button) and follow the steps of creating a gif image, then generating the html for the data of the currently displayed chart in the chart viewer.  This is of course only done after you save the file.

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