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Work with time lords

There are 3 ways of working with time lords at the moment and a 4th one is being planned.  If you want to work in depth with a single time lord system, then you will want to use the Time Lord List window by selecting the main menu System of Hermes | Time Lords | Time Lord List.  This same function is available in the Time Lords section of the Group Bar on the left side of the main window.  This window will generate up to 4 levels of sub-periods.

If you want to work with more than one time lord system over a span of many years, you can use the Time Lord Graph window.  This will allow you to see the broader spans of life and give you the big picture with the time lord systems that you have selected on the Themes Tab of the Time Lord Options (F5).  At this time, this view only allows the 1st and 2nd level time lords to be shown.  Of course some systems such as Lunar Monomoiria only have 1 level.

The 3rd way is to show Current Time Lords while watching transits, progressions, etc at a given moment in time.  This can be especially useful if you are looking at your own chart day by day in real time and keep tabs on what is going on in your own life while comparing the events to the current time lords.

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