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Zodiac Mode

Click on the selected combo box as shown above and you will see a list of zodiacs.  The zodiac is a collection of 12 equally divided sections called "zoidia" or "images" in Hellenistic astrology.  The more common name for each of these twelve 30 degree sections is called "signs".  The tropical zodiac sets the beginning of the sign of Aries where the vernal equinox intersects the celestial equator.  The other zodiacs such as Lahiri are sections based upon another starting point based upon some division of the constellations (background stars).  It is common in western astrology to use the Tropical Zodiac, but in most eastern cultures such as India, one form of sidereal zodiac is preferred.  The most commonly used are the Lahiri, Deluce, Raman and Fagan Bradley but any of the above in the list can be tried.

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