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House System

The systems of house division have been a source of controversy for a long time.  I have listed all of the divisions available from the Swiss Ephemeris except for the Gauquelin divisions.  Schmidt has called the trisections of the angles and other types of quadrant style divisions "dynamical divisions" to reflect those divisions that are used for measuring the strength of a planet.  Topical divisions were done exclusively using the whole sign house system in Hellenistic astrology.  However, Valens states that if the Midheaven falls in the 11th, 9th, etc, then that sign will also share in the topic of "praxis".

Some of you will notice that I have added the whole sign house division to what used to the list of dynamical divisions.  In later horoscopic astrology the dynamical divisions were used topically.  Schmidt contends that this is due to a misunderstanding where there was a failure to make a distinction between topical use and strength.  I have renamed this section House Systems because I added Whole Signs to this list so now both topical and dynamical divisions are represented in this list.

By clicking on the down arrow of the combo box it will expand the list and you can use the up or down arrows to select house system.  Lines will be drawn in the charts representing this new choice after pressing Save.

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