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Swiss Ephemeris Path (& hide checkbox)

The Swiss Ephemeris Path is shown below.  If you accept the defaults for installation, you will not need to change this.  If you already have it installed in a different location, you may wish to save disk space by pointing to the location of the files.  The easiest way to do this is to use the manila folder button attached to the edit field (on the right).  I would not recommend typing in the path because a mis-spelling here will cause the ephemeris to not be found.

To test the function of the Swiss Ephemeris, uncheck the "Hide Swiss Ephemeris messages..." and a window will show up after each chart calculation showing you a list of error messages that may be present.

In the event that the Swiss Ephemeris is not found, the Moshier Ephemeris will be used; but the range of chart calculation is between 3000 BCE and 3000 CE.  The Swiss Ephemeris calculation range is between 5400 BCE and 5400 CE, but because I used Jean Meeus's Astronomical Algorithms in the DateTime component the earliest date for which a chart can be calculated is Jan 1, 4713 BCE.

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