Election 2016, On Sanders, Clinton, Trump (and Romney?)

© 2016 Curtis Manwaring

I've had a number of things to say that have been brewing for years about where this world is headed, but I've said very little publicly. It should be no surprise to anyone paying attention to the news that we're in a period of significant tumult that rivals the 1960's. If I had to date it, the first signs of trouble began with the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn in 2009 and the manifestation of the Tea Party in opposition to Obama which was shortly after the bank bailouts in late 2008. Then a very significant date (Dec 17th, 2010) brought the beginning of Arab Spring and as if it was the conception moment for revolution, 9 months later to the day Occupy Wall Street was born. There's a long list of events of importance, of which one was the Citizens United decision of July 2010, the Fukushima disaster, protests and uprisings in 100's of cities around the world, etc... Most of these have been attributed to the cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto which has already been made manifest and will continue to operate until Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th, 2018.

One phenomenon I've noticed over the past few years is that most of the candidates running for president have some sort of marker for revolt prominent in their chart which seems to be indicating that we are heading toward future instability in the USA. With Jeb it's Uranus conjunct MC, with Hillary it's the triple conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Saturn in the 10th (topically) although dynamically in the 9th (generally elevated malefics are significant for slavery conditions because it indicates your overlords are evil, but in eminent nativities one might own it). With Trump, it's his MC conjunct Algol and the Sun, Uranus, NN conjunction in the 10th (11th topically) which literally means "shock to the leadership" and an eclipsed 12th house lord (the Moon indicating that the public becomes his enemy). Eclipses have long been associated with the fall of leaders which suggests that Trump's chart is the most revolutionary of the field (probably in a Cromwellian way). Sanders whose birth time is more suspect, has Saturn conjunct Uranus and Neptune conjunct north node which offer some revolutionary tendencies, and also the Moon, Mars conjunction in Aries (in 10th from fortune) can also indicate a revolt. It's clear that what's driving the "feeling the bern" phenomena is transiting Uranus to his Moon conjunct Mars (feeling = Moon, burn = Mars), to Venus in opposition; with Trump it's Pluto square Jupiter and Uranus square Saturn and Venus. Romney and Obama also have similar indicators as I stated 4 years ago...

I also predicted that if Romney finds himself in the 2016 race, that he'll be very hard to beat. The idea that Romney could somehow be popular again goes against all logical judgement; this is purely an astrological assessment because if it wasn't there, there's no way I'd believe it myself. It appears that a Romney/Ryan ticket may be in the works at the RNC in July at a brokered convention (this is more likely if Trump doesn't get the 1237 delegates needed). It was filed around late January 2016 so it may be that Romney sees an opportunity that he didn't think existed before. This was brought up as a very remote possibility by Tom Callanan from this skyscript post I made over a year ago (one that he doesn't believe is realistic himself). The main obstacle Romney has is that the republican party is in disarray (south node moving over his 10th/11th house) which typically means diminished status (this was at least partially responsible for Hillary losing to Obama in 2008), but other methods are showing that Romney is likely to be highly visible during the RNC this July.

Donald Trump

It's clear that the establishment is in trouble because the current zeitgeist of the times is bringing up figures like Trump who defy the pundits at every turn and he just keeps growing in popularity regardless of the sensational sound bites in the media. Trump has managed to harness the power of the Uranus, Pluto square and turn it to his advantage very effectively. Sanders has the opposite problem and has been significantly underrated by the news media where the narrative has been consistently for Clinton no matter how many show up for Sanders rallies. Sanders has been beating Clinton significantly in terms of the sizes of crowds showing up, yet Clinton is supposedly getting more votes. Cruz is somewhat behind, but the only real contender against Trump at this point. First I'll examine Donald Trump's chart using primarily Hellenistic era techniques.

Trump natal chart

Donald Trump's ascendant is right on the fixed star Regulus which is significant for royalty and a tendency to rise in life. A background consideration, if one uses whole sign houses, is that if one uses atmospheric refraction, then he actually has the 2nd degree of Virgo rising. Some would say that he's obviously displaying blunt behavior of Mars on the ascendant in Leo, but if Virgo is a camelion, then maybe Virgo is making a good show of Leo. There are times when topical analysis is important and when it might be better to use dynamical divisions. Schmidt said many years ago that the word for angle used in the Hellenistic texts is "kentron" which has two meanings: one is to be a center of activity upon which something revolves around (why it's translated as "pivot" in some cases) and the other is to operate as a sort of goad or cattle prod. It's this former meaning that refers to topics as topical houses, whereas the latter seems to be more appropriately associated with the winds and strength considerations of the trigon lords. As such, Schmidt has said that a number of techniques have a "composite" quality where one is not supposed to reduce meanings to the lowest common denominator. In other words, we aren't supposed to be striving for just one house system to explain everything. It's the composite concept that gives us a more complete picture.

The motions of the Same and the Other (diurnal vs zodiacal motion) explain the meanings of the houses. [1] The zodiacal motion brings the Crab down upon Trumps ascendant and normally this indicates what holds us down in life. The cosmic soul inquires to the state of the Moon because she is familiar with the Crab and she is asked for testimony in regards to conditions of slavery and obstacles but she was found eclipsed and escaping this world while the lord of the helm (Sun ruling ascendant) was found entering this world. She offers little resistance to the Sun which enters and rises toward the midheaven. [2] From this we can see one reason why Donald Trump has risen in life; one way or another he overcomes his enemies and they are unable to offer enough resistance because they are "eclipsed". Anyone who might become an enemy (the 12th) is made weak in some way and overcome. Unfortunately the potential danger in a leaders chart (because the Moon represents the people) is that the people would eventually become his enemies, by becoming a polarizing figure. Given that the Moon is eclipsed and also in aversion to the Crab, the doctrine of participation (Antiochus) says that Jupiter must also be consulted (because Jupiter is the exaltation lord of the Crab). He casts a square ray into the place (indicating that Jupiter is in disagreement with the 12th) and a trine ray onto the Sun which is in agreement with the sect leader. Therefore Jupiter (also being of the sect in favor) negates any testimony the Moon might have in holding Trump back (further supporting Trump's dominance).

But that's not all... The midheaven also has a fixed star with a rather nasty reputation conjunct it to the degree that is associated with "losing ones head". The star is Algol, and it can mean losing ones head either figuratively as in making unwise decisions or literally through decapitation. It's not a star you want representing your career point (translated as "praxis" in Greek) because it suggests something bad happening due to ones actions. Venus is domicile lord of this place and witnesses from the 12th (a place of self undoing) while having recently been tainted by Saturn's creepiness. It's a place of secret deals and compromises and tarnishing of reputation should she be allowed to speak which suggests that relationships with women tend to create problems for his career. Mars also casts a square ray toward the midheaven and with its trine to the Moon he's made effective use of the people's anger to advance his position with which his crowd (the Moon) are in significant agreement with. Mars is also sacreligious; being on the ascendant in Leo, he's direct, blunt and prefers open hostility to polite but secret hatred and is prone to using bully tactics.

Looking at the trigon lords of the sect light (the Sun), we see that Saturn comes first, then Mercury with Jupiter assisting both during their time frames. While it's possible that Trump is a bit of both Leo and Virgo rising (brash media hound and shrewd business man) I prefer to think that the trigon lords use the 2nd definition of kentron meaning "goad". If the former definition (a kentron as a circle of activity) is true then it's possible that Mercury and Saturn both in the 12th topical house would be left without wind in their sail upon which to maneuver. [3] Instead I think it's more likely that they should be considered at least middling in condition. Jupiter also helps the Sun considerably (the sect light by trine). BTW, some people seem to think that Trump (like Bush 43) is stupid. There have been many charts where Sun trine Jupiter is shown to mean superior intelligence (especially in air signs). Not only that but a conjunction with Uranus also points to genius. Bush 43 wasn't stupid either (score a 1206 on his SAT which correlates to an IQ of about 125). Stupidity seems to play well though with the electorate in the USA so I suspect it's more of an act than a reality.

There's one other possibility that could be in operation with regard to eminence in Trump's chart. Valens says that the trigon lords indicate the general support for the nativity. In cases of mediocre or bad support there are times when some people become eminent in order to take a fall. This is a danger in Donald Trump's case. Sometimes some people are lifted up beyond their capacity for this purpose.

One other thing I've been noticing is that people who have fortune in Aquarius (such as Trump, Bill Gates, Ted Turner to name a few) tend to be more wealthy. Theoretically I think it's because the USA Moon is present in the later degrees indicating that those with fortune there are able to represent more completely what the American people want most. It's also the case that such will have the place of acquisition ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius as the 11th counting from fortune) and a good Jupiter in this condition will bring great wealth. Trump has Jupiter trine to both the Sun and fortune which shows great success. But looking at how close fortune is to the sign cusp, I had to wonder if it was possible that he has fortune in Pisces, and therefore the releasing for spirit would start with Aries (according to Valens rules). The problem with this arrangement is that the bold and caustic nature of Trump would be replaced with Virgo and its lord Mercury in Cancer in the 11th which suggests reserve. The eclipse would no longer rid him of his enemies and instead his career support (11th house) would become weaker. Also the Sun which represented him, then falls as ruler of the 12th indicating his enemies which become most powerful by being placed at the north node. Being born with the ascendant right on the cusp might be another way of saying that he's right on the edge between success and failure. The trigon lords do improve, but only marginally unless you use whole signs alone for trigon lord assessment which I believe to be a mistake (one should combine both IMO).

Given that opposition to Trump has risen to especially high levels since there was a protest against his Chicago rally just a few days ago, we might want to look at what his zodiacal releasing for spirit is doing:

trump zodiacal releasing spirit

We see that the current times at L1 is Cancer (12th house) handing over to Taurus L2 (10th house). The Moon is currently active as lord of reputation. In the past, the last time Taurus had the general times was 1973 which was when he got involved in a lawsuit with the US government over handling of his New York City apartments. We can see the reason for the trouble which was settled a couple of years later is because Mars being contrary to the sect was casting a square ray onto the MC. Venus is the only benefic that can help but is shouted down (Jupiter being in aversion and without testimony regarding the midheaven). Since Taurus has the MC, this is a peak both relative to fortune and natally. Scorpio therefore represents a 10th from fortune peak that has the highest power and it falls in the 4th house (real estate). Such generally show what we are most known for (which the Taurus MC also agrees with being the 4th from fortune and a career indicator).

It was first suggested he run for president in 1988 but Trump declined. He was in a 10th from fortune Scorpio period at L2. On October 7th, 1999 he was exploring the possibility again with the reform party because Jesse Ventura suggested it, but the reform party was splintering (started by Ross Perot) and Trump decided to drop out on Feb 14th, 2000 saying that the party was too dysfunctional to operate. On October 7, 1999 at L3, L4 we have Aries, Cancer. Then on Feb 14th, Cancer is about to hand over to Aries in the opposite direction and it's over. We see this quite a lot that if a condition leads to something arising, but later the handing over goes in the opposite direction, then it can indicate a reversal. However, we see that he announced his candidacy under Cancer L1, Aries L2 on June 16th, 2015 which suggests this is picking up where he left off in early 2000.

Donald Trump has had numerous chapter 11 bankruptcies and I wanted to see if there was a pattern. The first was in 1991 and the judge accepted the conditions Aug 29th, 1991 which means the filing was before that. Unfortunately I was not able to narrow down the date over the web.

bankruptcy 1 zodiacal releasing spirit

He was under a Gemini L1, Capricorn L2. Mercury and Saturn are in the 12th topically and 6th from fortune. Moreover, they have a 1st - 8th house relationship to each other. This is commonly found in financial stress situations and if this was a fortune releasing I might think health issues were involved. Notice that Leo L3 is there just after (Mars can indicate severing of debt).

trump bankruptcy 2 zodiacal releasing spirit

Nov 2, 1992 - chapter 11 Trump Plaza Hotel was his 2nd bankruptcy filing. Notice again still in Capricorn L2, but returning home just 2 days later. The L3 Sag and L4 Cancer periods also have a 1st - 8th house relationship. When the zodiacal releasing returns to the orignal sign it starts out from, it indicates a finishing up of that business and often a closing of a chapter in ones life. He wouldn't declare chapter 11 again for another 12 years which was a return of his 10th house profection year and 4th from fortune (real estate issues).

trump 3rd bankruptcy zodiacal releasing spirit

Oct 21, 2004 - chapter 11 Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, 3rd bankruptcy. During this transiting Pluto was conjunct his natal Moon at 22 Sag and the Moon is lord of the general times. Notice again he's in a Capricorn L3 and the Cancer Virgo L1, L2 are amplified in L3, L4 (repeated). Ellen Black says that this is indicative of important events manifesting.

trump 4th bankruptcy zodiacal releasing spirit

On Dec 1, 2008, Trump Entertainment Resorts missed payment of 53.1 million to bond holders which triggered a chapter 11 inquiry. Notice that he's in a Capricorn L2 yet again. Just 6 weeks later the bond loosing occurs to Cancer where Saturn is activated. The Moon and Saturn have a 1st - 8th house relationship and are lords of the times for all 4 levels. On Feb 17th, 2009 the filing was made which was during the L3 Aquarius after the bond loosing to Leo (which indicates Mars trimming of debt again).

trump bankruptcy 5 zodiacal releasing spirit

Sept 10, 2014, chapter 11 Taj Mahal change in ownership. That Gemini, Capricorn, L3, L4 is activated (1st - 8th house relationship) as was the case with the first bankruptcy which involved the same resort. The question must be asked since Trump goes into a Cancer loosing of the bond to darkness Dec 28, 2017 which is a major bond loosing on a level he hasn't seen before, if he's president will he file bankruptcy for the US Treasury between 2018 and 2020? (Note that Iceland did something similar in 2008 and threw the bankers in jail, so while this sounds awful it might eventually be a better deal for the USA rather than piling on odious debt). One can do the same with zodiacal releasing from fortune which should also say something important in regard to Trump's finances. But in order to not have this article go too long I'll leave it for the reader to apply these principles using my software.

Donald Trump is also now finishing up a 10th house profection year in which he announced his run for president 2 days after his birthday. Tenth house profection years are known for professional gain if the testimonies of the planets concur. He will be in a new L2 ZR spirit period starting May 7th, 2016 which has the Sun present and gets rid of the Mars square he's been dealing with during the L2 Taurus period these last several months. The Gemini period looks less stressful because of the Jupiter trine and I suspect that with the upcoming Mars retrograde period that Trump will begin to back off on the attacks (or suffer setbacks). Mars retrograde periods aren't good for launching attacks, but are better for maintaining one's position.

There have been those quick to point out how Trump's rise mirrors the rise of Adolph Hitler. First they made fun of Hilter saying that he was too weak to ever grab hold of power. Then Germany became xenophobic against the Jews. The homeland had been beaten down after WWI and he promised to make Germany great again. Then intensified nationalism and disdain for human rights progressed, etc... all true. The signs of fascism are nearly all characteristic of the USA now. After we were beaten over 911, nationalism intensified and instead of Jews, it's Muslims. Then we started Guantanamo and Abu Graib and other such detentions similar to Auschwitz (on a smaller scale as far as we know). The military is considered supreme and police given hero status just like the SS. Nearly all the parallels are complete. Just one problem though... when it was Bush 43 presenting the fascist face, republicans were blind to it. Then when Obama did the same with such legislation as NDAA 1021 and many other freedoms having been stripped, and medical tyranny started rearing it's ugly head with such ideas as forced vaccinations, then the democrats became blind. Fascism is bigger than individuals. It is a social phenomenon. If you want to always be able to see it, you must become an independent.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders natal chart

I've rectified his birth time to 12:35 pm because something remarkable happens; it shifts his lots of fortune and exaltation into Cancer making Aries the 10th from fortune period which explains his win for mayor of Burlington, VT and subsequent political elections very nicely. What's really interesting here is that the Moon and Mars are in the 10th from fortune in this case so that at age 40 (+/- a year) the Moon and Mars are activated together under their circular periods. [4] Bernie is another case where evaluating the trigon lords according to topical angles would show greater weakness than should be evident due to his obvious eminence. They are at least middling and probably better due to their essential dignity and angularity relative to the lot of fortune (fortune angles take precedence over natal angles later in life [5]).

Since the Sun is near the MC, the chart is diurnal and we seek the trigon lords of the Sun in Virgo which are Venus, the Moon, then Mars assisting. Some might be stressed out by trigon lords opposing which can bring diminishment according to Valens, but Valens also says that when planets are in their own domiciles, squares and oppositions turn beneficial. So Venus in Libra opposite Mars in Aries is very supportive. Given that the Moon is also a trigon lord and all 3 are in angles relative to fortune, this makes for a brilliant nativity such that when the times come to Aries, honors are bestowed and the native becomes highly visible, reknowned by many people.

Sanders also has the Sun on the MC which is an indicator for fame and recognition. His natal Mars in the topical 6th (Aries) shows that he's a fighter for the average worker (his Virgo Sun also suggests this focus along with the ruler of the SN at the NN - Neptune) with concern for labor issues. Mars is a servile planet and represents slavery, the police and military affairs, etc... and being in the 6th is in it's joy. Sanders had lost several elections during the 70's and had considered himself retired from politics in the late 70's after his 1976 defeat where he got 6% of the vote (his personal best up to that point). During this time he was in a Gemini L1 spirit period which has Jupiter and Venus trine and Sun square. Mars being too weak to cause much damage by sextile (according to Valens), if Fortune had been present with exaltation, one would expect results. But instead Gemini is the idle place so a drastic change of direction would be needed. A university professor is credited with changing Sander's mind in 1980 saying that he could run and win the next election. He was in an Aries L2 period when he started campaigning:

sanders zodiacal releasing spirit 1

He then finished up under Gemini L3, Aquarius L4 winning by just 10 votes. A recount was ordered but the win stood. He was re-elected 2 more times and the next major turning point was being elected to the House in 1990. He had a notable loss on Nov 8, 1988 and very prominently displayed was the South Node conjunct both the Sun and the midheaven. The south node going over the MC is frequently associated with losses in career or reduced status (demotion). The opposite is generally true when the north node is conjunct the MC, although Valens notes that the nodes break down the power of the signs (prefering the nodes not be associated with the topic).

Sanders zodiacal releasing spirit 2

What's remarkable about the above period is that L1 is Cancer and L2 is Scorpio which activate that Moon, Mars conjunction in the 10th from fortune (this was Sanders first election win to the House of Representatives). The L4 Libra happens to be what Schmidt calls a "focus period" because the L3 Gemini period encounters the domicile lord (Mercury) in Libra L4 which shows that the period is the most important for the more general times. The testimony is pretty much all favorable because Jupiter is in L3 and casts a trine to L4 where Venus is present. Mars being the contrary to sect malefic is nullified by Jupiter and Venus rendering the period favorable. Aquarius periods are also favorable due to the trine rays of both benefics with Mars being too weak by sextile (being shouted down). Saturn is of the sect and as domicile lord of Aquarius is said to operate as oikodektor for the place (in Greek meaning one who gives ear to, or listens and pays attention to a guest's needs like a host).

Sanders zodiacal releasing spirit 3

In the above graphic, Sanders first day as senator for Vermont was a focus period [6] with Scorpio's L3 Mars being encountered in L4 Aries. Just a few days later that same month Sanders enters a most favorable period (the Aries L2) for 15 months. Something to keep in mind about lower level periods (on the direction they're heading in) is that the higher levels outrank, so if a lower level period is favorable and the higher one is not, then only a temporary respite can be expected. In this case, it was preparation for an even greater period (what Ellen Black calls the tsunami effect). He was re-elected in 2012 with over 70% of the vote under Leo L1, Sco L2, and Capricorn L3. Aquarius was next and is very favorable for Sanders (Jupiter and Venus rays shout down Mars and Saturn) so he would be expected to maintain position.

In a short time from now on March 26th, Sanders will have a loosing of the bond to Cancer (what Valens calls a loosing of the bond from darkness to light) which will activate his natal Moon in the 10th from fortune. This should be highly beneficial to his campaign. However, there's another turning point coming with the station and retrograde motion of Mars on April 18th. There are a couple of schools of thought on how this can turn out. One is that because Bernie was born with this same motion, that the transit of Mars retrograde in Scorpio could result in gains against Hillary Clinton, but one of the other manifestations of Mars retrograde is retreat. It could be that he decides to pull out of the race at that time which also fits the symbolism. If he doesn't pull out of the race by April 21st, then we can expect a long protracted battle all the way to the DNC. In this latter scenario, Mars retrograde will fortify Sanders natal retrograde Mars because during retrograde Mars cycles, it's the defense and underdog who generally prevail. The question is whether it will be enough to surpass Clinton's lead at this point. I don't know of any astrological method that can predict the count of delegates.

Sanders zodiacal releasing spirit 4

Since the odds are that the next president is likely to serve only one term, the above time lord sequence for 2020 for Sanders caught my eye. Assuming a birth time after 12:35 pm but also keeping the lot of spirit in Aries (no later than 1:12 pm), he reaches the same conditions that made him mayor of Burlington, VT back in early 1981. Also it will be the second activation of the Moon, Mars circular periods (doubled). I haven't checked anaretic rays, so this is predicated upon his surviving another 4 years. But if he chooses to run again, he would likely become president at this time. So we have a problem; either he won't be president this time around and is in a very powerful "I told you so" position in 2020 (the year of Hindsight), or if Sanders beats the odds, he will be re-elected by a fairly large margin. The contradiction is that revolt then becomes much less likely because if he does poorly as president from 2016-2019, then re-election is very unlikely because the time lords suggest a very strong positive showing for him in 2020. These both can't be correct and can be considered mutually exclusive in the possible scenarios. What this means then is that a win by Sanders this year is a step away from revolution (at least in the near term).

If on the other hand, Trump, Hillary or Romney somehow end up president, then the mis-management that is likely to happen these next 4 years will be made manifest. If Sanders is still around (I can't check anaretic rays without a confirmed birth time) and he chooses to run again, he's in a very powerful position to win (and pick up the shambles of the previous administration). This latter scenario seems more likely to me because it doesn't violate the longer term trends toward revolition and by late 2022 there is a chance for more peaceful change.

Looking at the DNC opening chart for next July, we see that Mars is conjunct his ascendant (the 12:35 pm time) and opposite his natal Saturn. This can be either an indication for defeat and frustration or one of breakthroughs, but more typically it's the former. Assuming that Sanders stays in the race up until June and doesn't concede before the start of the DNC, the direct station of Mars is likely to be a very nasty time with accusations of unfairness and protests erupting at the DNC. Uranus will have surpassed his Mars which indicates some explosive developments up to that point. I think that the DNC will be just as divisive as the RNC and that after July both parties will emerge more damaged than before with candidates that will not be taken seriously. Transiting Uranus conjunct Sanders natal Moon, Mars is an indicator that he's been able to rouse the public support by bringing up social injustice (Uranus also opposes his natal Venus). But typically a Mars transit opposite to natal Saturn is one of blockage and frustration and only rarely does it indicate breakthrough and victory.

Hillary Clinton

Clintons natal chart

The difficulty distinguishing between Sanders and Clinton's charts is that given Sanders birth time (which is questionable) they have roughly the same angles. This means that transits to angles will show pretty much the same for both candidates and we must use different means to distinguish them apart. The north node first transits Sanders MC and Sun, then Clintons MC, so this measurement doesn't make it easy to tell who has the upper hand. If Clinton can survive later than Sanders, then it can help Clinton in the general election. The same can be said for Sanders though.

Clinton has had a couple of different birth times posted: one with Gemini rising and the other with Scorpio rising, but I favor the latter. Looking at the trigon lords of the sect light we see that Venus is first, Mars is second and the Moon assists. Venus and Mars are in topical angles and so are significantly supportive, though if they had been in dynamic divisions it would be even more so. The Moon is also well placed so we can expect elevation in status. However, her chart reminds me of Rasputin's who also once brought down the leadership. I wondered where the lot of accusation was and found it just shy of the middle of Scorpio conjunct Venus, but also suffering from the malefic superior squares of 3 planets (Saturn, Pluto and Mars). She once helped to bring down Nixon working on the Watergate case and it was thought as early as 1974 that she had a bright political future ahead of her. We can see this because the lord of her ascendant (Pluto or Mars) is elevated in Leo (10th topically). In Hellenistic astrology, the 9th house was considered the house of kings and philosophers because they don't have to work (the 9th is the joy of the Sun). That powerful people also seek her out is seen by the lords of the MC and 10th topically are present in the ascendant.

Looking at fortune, we find it in Aries in the 13th degree. This makes Capricorn the 10th from fortune period, but also makes Libra, Cancer and Aries peak as well. Scorpio periods are potentially difficult because of the superior square rays of the malefics although there is some protection with the presence of Venus. Jupiter isn't able to help. Leo periods also have potential difficulty because of the presence of malefics, but the dexter trine ray from Jupiter cast into the sign from it's own domicile offers significant protection as well as the square ray of Venus. Taurus and Aquarius also are potentially problematic, but the ray of Venus helps out in both cases. Pisces and Gemini periods should be favorable due to the limited exposure to the rays of the malefics and favorable rays from benefics. Libra periods have a relatively neutral effect with only weak rays from Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

From this it should be clear that the best periods are Capricorn, Aries and Cancer, and the worst is Scorpio and to a lesser extent Leo.

Clinton rose relatively early in politics and was involved in the impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon as a young lawyer. We see that she reached a potentially dangerous malefic period in June of 1972 which was the month of the Watergate break in:

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 1

The trine ray from Jupiter in it's own domicile however saves the period and makes for advancement. The south node in the ascendant is notable and she was reported to have had fears of losing her identity through marriage to Bill Clinton. But she did marry him on Oct 11, 1975 with the transiting nodes reversed and Venus conjunct her MC by degree! Seeing this is what made me think the 8 am time is more accurate than the PM time. She did however retain her name Hillary Rodham because she wanted to still remain herself. This upset a lot of people and became an issue through the Scorpio period and by the time Bill had become governor, she had changed her name to Hillary Rodham Clinton in order to support her husband as governor. She also started working at Rose Law firm which would be key to her future political rise.

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 2

On September 2, 1992, a criminal referral was submitted to the FBI naming Bill and Hillary Clinton as witnesses in the Madison Guaranty case which later became known as the Whitewater controversy. This happened after Hillary initially entered a new major period but after the loosing of the bond to Pisces after 17 months which activated the IC/MC axis. The controversy grew and became more intense when Virgo L1 handed over the times to Scorpio L2 where the lot of accusation was activated. It also happened to be a focus period because the lord of the general times (Mercury) was encountered in the sub period (Scorpio). The case was deemed to be without merit, but continued to dog the Clintons well into Clinton's second term under prosecutor Kenneth Starr.

The Scorpio L2 period is also the time when Hillary's Health Security Act failed to reach a vote in congress. Her husband appointed her to chair a Task Force on National Health Care Reform as one of his first acts in office. Hillary was in a 10th house profection year and the monthly profection went to Scorpio which was the encounter of the lord of the year (the Sun) in Scorpio that January (fitting symbolism since the Sun represents the president). On January 25th, 1993, she also entered her 10th from fortune spirit period which is known to be a peak period.

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 3

As it became clear that the Health Security Act didn't have enough support to come to a vote in the House or the Senate, the proposal was abandoned by Sept 1994. She was just finishing up the Scorpio period with a Leo L3 period which has Mars present as domicile lord. The encounter of the domicile lord in a sub period indicates an important focus and with Saturn and Pluto present, the proposal was blocked as you can see below.

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 3.5

In 2000, Hillary ran for Moynihan's vacant senate seat and was elected on Nov 7, 2000. The annual profection had just moved into Aries where fortune was present, and the zodiacal releasing for spirit was Virgo L1, Pisces L2, Cancer L3, Pisces L4. The emphasis was on the MC/IC axis and the Moon being present in Pisces activated by that Cancer L3 period which became the focus period in L4.

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 4

The oath of office was taken Jan 3, 2001 which was also a Pisces L4, but coming from Leo L3. She was re-elected under Virgo L1, Cancer L2, Aries L3, Cancer L4. All periods were angular relative to fortune except for the L1 Virgo period which activates the midheaven. She then announced an exploratory committee for president on January 20, 2007. Both Saturn and the south node were closing in on her midheaven degree. Saturn conjunct midheaven typically indicates leaving one's job and sometimes promotion, but combined with the south node it indicates career losses and reduced status. She conceded the democratic nomination to Obama on June 7th, 2008:

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 5

Here we see that this date is just after the loosing of the bond to darkness (her topical 4th house) indicating defeat. Saturn as ruler of this Aquarius bond loosing had the south node transiting her natal Saturn position at 22 Leo to the degree. The L4 period (Taurus) hands over to her 7th house where the north node was present at birth activating the concession. Mars also had just returned to it's natal degree (I didn't bother to look at the Mars return chart). Uranus was conjunct her Moon to the degree and Saturn was just a couple degrees short of her MC.

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 6

Not long after her concession she had another loosing of the bond from Virgo to Pisces on July 7th, 2008 which activated the Moon ruling the 9th house. After Obama's victory in November, he consulted Clinton to take on the position of secretary of state which is most focused upon foreign affairs (9th house). Jupiter is activated as lord of Pisces and after the Gemini L3, Sagittarius LB at L3 was activated directly where Jupiter is present. Under her 10th from fortune period she accepted the position (Nov 20, 2008) and Obama announced this to the public a few days later on Dec 1, 2008. Cancer was the L3 period emphasizing her 9th house publicly because L4 came to Virgo which is the midheaven. The Moon and Mercury were trine to the degree natally, but Mercury was retrograde at birth. She was initially reluctant to accept the position.

Toward the end of Obama's first term, the Benghazi attack took place on September 11, 2012 under which secretary Clinton was accused of a cover up. The first 3 levels are all encounters of the domicile lord (what Schmidt calls focus periods):

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 7

The Libra L1 hands over to Venus in Scorpio L2 which activates Mars. Mars is then found at the end of the Scorpio period at Leo L3. The Sun was encountered at L4 Scorpio on Sept 14th just 3 days later and Clinton was in the hot seat. The Scorpio period has the lot of accusation which was also activated during the Whitewater investigation and her failed health care initiative in 1993. The failure of the latter resulted in her returning to a more traditional first lady role. The previous Scorpio L2 was when the Whitewater controversy erupted so we have a parallel here where Scorpio periods are damaging to reputation as I stated would be expected at the beginning of this section.

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 8

In the above graphic we come to the DNC on July 25th, 2016 which shows a parallel to her being appointed by president Obama as secretary of state. The difference this time is that it's Aquarius L2 instead of Capricorn L2. Capricorn is much more favorable because it's a 10th from fortune period and it's also free from the rays of the malefics coming from Leo. This time it looks like the nomination for the position has considerable controversy due to the opposition rays of Saturn and Mars (and Pluto?). In order for this controversy to manifest, it's assumed she must get the nomination. Or if Bernie Sanders pulls off an upset, then the opposition rays could indicate defeat. She was defeated under a previous Aquarius period (concession to Obama), but it was a loosing of the bond to darkness and this time it's not.

Looking at Hillary's ZR spirit for election day 2016 I see the following:

Clinton zodiacal releasing spirit 9

First, notice that on August 28, 2016 she enters a Leo L3 period where the malefics are present. This lasts all the way up to election day. It is a microcosm of the string of events starting at Leo L1 in 1972 up until the time her husband became president. If Hillary is nominated at the DNC, this suggests a fall campaign that will be full of controversy which mirrors her period investigating Nixon for Watergate (like the idea that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny).

As I check the delegate count today March 23, 2016, the remaining states have Sanders in the lead, so I was wondering what the delegate count might be at the time of the Mars station (to help predict Sanders reaction). Assuming that Clinton gets half the delegates between now and April 18th, she's still more than 300 shy of clinching the nomination. This suggests that Sanders will not concede when Mars goes retrograde unless something unforseen happens. Most likely this is going to be a protracted battle until June at the least.

If Clinton gets the nomination which seems more likely at this point, she would probably face either Trump or Romney. Assuming that she wins in November and Hillary becomes president what can we say about the future of her administration? Notice above in the last graphic that she enters a Scorpio L1 period on Oct 13, 2018. Remember the previous Scorpio periods at L2 brought Whitewater, the failed health care initiative and Benghazi. This one at L1 could be like those at L2 on steroids.

What's interesting about the period of time between 2018 and 2019 is that Romney, Trump and Clinton all show significant changes. With Trump it's the loosing of the bond from Cancer to darkness (Capricorn) which Trump has shown in the past to indicate bankruptcy. With Clinton, it's the Scorpio L1 which in the past indicated controversy. Romney also has a significant loosing of the bond from Capricorn into Cancer which is the opposite of what Donald Trump has around the same time. Seeing this makes me think that there's a master chart somewhere that's controlling all of this because it's as if that period of time represents a "fate bottleneck" and that only those charts whose synastry and temporal signature match the heimarmene (that which is possible vs what isn't possible) of this master chart is allowed to come into the level of tuche (fortune) or potential to be made manifest.


Given that the longer term trend is showing that we're heading into a revolution, it's important to realize that "establishment" candidates will have greater difficulty in this political climate. A generational cycle will have been passed with the Jupiter, Saturn conjunction in 2020 which is one of the main reasons why this next president is not likely to serve more than one term. The USA Pluto return happens shortly thereafter which is a revisitation to 1776 and what follows between 2022 and 2027 is likely to involve a constitutional convention. From this perspective, I suspect that any candidate promising change is just a little too soon in 2016. There are just far too many problems to fix which suggests that the easier path is that the system will be fixed by being broken.

I don't have enough certainty on Bernie's exact birth time to be confident of the outcome at the DNC, but I suspect that it will be much closer than is currently expected. If he was actually born at 12:27 pm, then he was elected mayor of Burlington, VT on the power of the Moon, Mars circular period and everything I said above about the zodiacal releasing is off by 20 years, but I think I've made a strong argument that he was born with the lots of fortune and exaltation conjunct in early Cancer which means a birth time at or after 12:35 pm. In the near term I expect that Sanders will be making gains soon and closing the gap in the delegate count to Hillary Clinton. The question is whether it will be enough. Given the 12:35 pm time, Sanders chart is extremely tense at the democratic convention with transiting Mars conjunct his ascendant and opposite his natal Saturn. Uranus will be on top of Mars which suggests that by the time of the democratic convention this summer, we will have seen significant violence. It's already happening at Trump rally's with protesters at his events and is likely to continue into the RNC, but I expect Trump to further distance himself from the violence and begin to tone down the rhetoric with the onset of Mars retrograde this April (if he doesn't then I think his campaign will begin to fall apart). At the same time I expect Trump's progress toward the delegate count to slow down because of this, however I think the odds are about 50/50 that he will make the 1237 minimum delegate count for nomination. This doesn't guarantee that there won't be a contested convention if he gets that minimum, but it makes it much less likely. This summer will be the most violent that we've seen in decades (in the USA and abroad due to the Saturn, Mars conjunction in Sagittarius) and it wouldn't surprise me that there would be violence at both the democratic and republican conventions. I think the chances of a contested RNC are higher than normal given Romney's recent decisions and chart configuration this July, but I'm no longer confident of his success after weighing the transiting south node going over his 10th topical house and lack of primary direction activation. Hillary Clinton goes into a 10th house profection year just a few days before the general election, but it will be hell for her if she gets the nomination because she enters a Leo period this fall. If I had to guess based upon the transiting nodes alone, Clinton and Sanders have the edge over Trump and Romney and I think women will turn out in droves to vote for Hillary.

If an establishment candidate comes to office (such as Romney or Clinton), it's clear that the pressure for revolt will build up to a breaking point. Trump is "establishment" as well because he's got more in common with the billionaire class than the rest of us, but he's perceived to be an outsider and that won't change unless he becomes president. Of course the Republicans don't want him, but that's another story. It's the billionaire class who's responsible for sapping up the wealth of the vanishing middle class and turning society back into a feudal aristocracy with a large population of poor and a small managerial class. The long term trend (over the next century) suggests depopulation (the Jupiter, Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is the 8th house of the Thema Mundi), so I think the greater danger now is that revolt is more likely to turn Cromwellian. A Cromwellian revolution similar to what happened to Nazi Germany between WWI and WWII would most strongly favor Donald Trump.

Due to the volatility of the current times, I would prefer to wait until after the democratic convention before making a formal guess as to who the next president will be (but at this point I'm thinking it will be Clinton by a very narrow margin and with great uncertainty in my thinking). A victory by Sanders would be an amazing upset and probably push the pressures for revolution back at least 4 years and lead to the unusual situation of his re-election being a high probability given his zodiacal releasing is correct. This would violate a number of longer term trends, but it's a remote possibility. A victory by Trump will put the USA on the same path as Nazi Germany post WWI and probably put the USA in a debt crisis around 2018. But a Clinton victory will bring scandal and health problems toward the end of her term. Each of these choices feels wrong in different ways. The irony is that I feel much more certain about what will happen given who becomes president. As long as this article is, I've only scratched the surface of all the techniques that could have been applied.

- Curtis Manwaring, March 24, 2016


1. Robert Schmidt used this analogy to explain the logic of the house meanings in an article of the Mountain Astrologer about 10 years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember which issue.
2. To underdtand the logic of this see: Hellenistic case for Evolutionary Astrology.
3. This is a reference to the nautical metaphor that Schmidt explains exists in some astrological texts from the Hellenistic era.
4. This refers to the minor periods of the planets when added together such as Mars = 15, Moon = 25 which when summed together = 40, etc... It's often used with the ascensions of the signs to know when the second trigon lord takes over rulership of the life. Valens explains this technique in the Anthology.
5. Schmidt says that this is because natal angles show potential, but that fortune angles represent outcome (apotelesma).
6. A focus period is what Robert Schmidt calls the encounter of the domicile lord of the general times within a sub-period.

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